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for madara's son

12/28/2020 c1 KoKoChanel2003
why are you taking credit for a story idea that isn't even yours? you're obviously copying flaming maelstroms by thatdamnuchiha. Delete this story man, this is not cool
11/7/2020 c1 Guest
your grammar sucks
10/30/2020 c15 2B x 9S
naruto still have his six path sage mode,kurama,and yang seal right if you ask why because sasuke still have his rinnegan witch mean he still have his yin seal it just not fair for naruto to lose the power of sage of six path and gedoudama(truth seaking ball) when sasuke still have rinnegan not just ordinary rinnegan damit i dont know if naruto still have six path power or not
9/3/2020 c28 Guest
lorelli sasuke all the way i think its better to live in truth rather then lies also is old naruto and old sasuke gonna meet kakashi
8/30/2020 c29 theneed4beer
storys not bad but you need a spll checker proofreader or something.
8/29/2020 c28 ladyamy26072003
Lolleri y Sasuke
8/25/2020 c28 Guest
Uzumaki x Uchiha. Si no se pudo con Karin por favor una variante
8/25/2020 c28 14Giselle Valle
Kykyou x Sasule and Loreley x Naruto
8/24/2020 c28 jabulla4
Siempre votaré por Kikyou y Sasuke, no me gusta la princesa la verdad ya que después de todo tendrá que volver a ir a su Castillo y no está enseñada la vida ninja entonces nunca poder entender bien a esas que cuando tenga una misión desastrosa , me había emocionado mucho la continuación pero pues veo que se eliminarán los capítulos espero que puedas solucionar tu problema pronto y actualizar la historia de que estoy muy emocionada por saber cómo continúa la historia!
8/5/2020 c6 Iscitz
One thing I need to mention before I say anything else- I love this story, I’m especially enjoying Sasuke torturing Madara.

But, you need to double back and re read the first 2 chapters. There’s a lot of errors. Grammar and spelling errors and chunks of narrative that should be there thst aren’t. It leaves too much for the reader to have to imagine and guess.

Don’t get me wrong this is a great story, it’s comical, it just needs a little revision for errors.

I myself have the same issue when I’m writing. I get so engrossed while I’m writing and things don’t always get typed correctly so I always double back. Please check your chapters please, once you read you’ll see what corrections to make.

Also, the comment about a Madara being an emotional fool is very accurate. Loosing his brother is what drove a wedge and made him crazy. I honestly, loved, and enjoyed the bit about Sasuke not being a fan of the 2nd hokage , and hating him more now. You have a very good taste in humor. Plus excellent timing for each adorable, comical interaction between Sasuke and Madara. Sasuke s personality was very spot on so far.

I just wish there were more descriptions in these scenes to better understand what everyone is doing.
7/27/2020 c1 dianille
Just fake it till you make it
7/9/2020 c30 murasakiumi
sasuke x kikyou please <3
6/30/2020 c29 Guest
Not really into the idea of Madara dating the new character girl Aria. Like he can fool around with her, but I don't like the idea of Madara marrying her, Sasuke getting a new mom, and even having siblings is weird. Can't Sasuke just look after the twins and consider those his pseudo siblings? And Sasuke with Kikyou seems to be a smarter choice than with the princess. But just my opinion.
6/24/2020 c17 bookworm51485
You need a beta. BADLY
6/20/2020 c31 raylinc471
Sasuke X princess
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