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5/16 c24 Kaiser Dragon
I have to agree with Saiyan's4ever. Bring on Godzilla! I want monster mashups!

First off your knowledge of Marvel has to be commended. You have even a long time fan like me guessing on what you will do. And the fact that you are pulling from more obscure elements of Marvel has me proud. You are such a nerd and it shows.

Now I have to ask. Seeing as you are mostly pulling from the cartoons and the MCU with some elements of the comics can I make a suggestion? It is for Godzilla.

Please bring in The King of the Monsters Godzilla! It would be awesome! Godzilla did appear in Marvel Comics and I would love to see this happen, also seeing as the recent comics in the King in Black series created a Godzilla knock off in American Kaiju who is named Todd Ziller. Their are not even trying to be subtle!

So seeing as Godzilla was in Marvel Comics here is my suggestion. Please use the Showa Era, Heisei Era, The Millennium Era Godzilla Films and the Legendary Monsterverse Films as a template for story arcs featuring the King of The Monsters.

However I would also take a look at the Marvel, Darkhorse, and IDW Godzilla Comics as inspiration as well for arcs as well. What bigger game could a hunter That would be glorious! Long Live The King! All Hail Godzilla!

But I would also take a look at this fan story as inspiration for a starting point. It is fittingly called Earth's Mightiest Hero By: TheWabbajackX.

However I would also take a look at another fan story. Justice League of America vs Godzilla: Nuclear Armageddon By: Japan Boy seeing as you were inspired by Hunters of Justice, being a RWBY and DC crossover. Also what bigger game could a huntress want to hunt than freaking Kaiju!?

It would be awesome! Long Live the King of The Monsters!
5/14 c24 Constantine
Ready yourself teams rwby and jnpr
Cause it’s Deadpool time
5/11 c24 2ChocoboLover69
This is completely unrealistic...Ruby and Kamala would be playing FFXIV instead of WoW.
5/4 c24 Saiyans4ever
Okay here we go. First off your knowledge of Marvel has even a long time fan like me guessing and the fact that you are pulling from more obscure elements of Marvel has me proud. I did not see how you would be bringing in these many characters.

Now I have to ask. Seeing as you are mostly pulling from the cartoons and the MCU with some elements of the comics can I make a suggestion?

Please bring in The King of the Monsters Godzilla! Godzilla did appear in Marvel Comics and I would love to see this happen, also seeing as the recent comics in the King in Black series created a Godzilla knock off in American Kaiju who is named Todd Ziller. Their are not even trying!

So seeing as Godzilla was in Marvel Comics here is my suggestion. Please use the Showa Era, Heisei Era, The Millennium Era Films and the Legendary Film Monsterverse as a template. But I would also take a look at this fan story as inspiration for a starting point. It is fittingly called Earth's Mightiest Hero By: TheWabbajackX

It would be awesome!
5/3 c17 1Ultimatrix bearer
Ghost rider!? Oh they’re screwed.

4/30 c24 Guest
So why do you loathe Ozpin? I mean, he is an idiot but he has tried his best to accomplish an nearly impossible goal that the god of light bestowed upon him.

well first off, no he’s not - the god of light tasked him with uniting humanity, and explicitly gave him immortality to do so (a clear message of ‘this will take more than one lifetime’) and Oz gave up very quickly and went and did the one thing he was told not to do - seek out Salem

Salem was just keeping herself to herself at that point, it’s Ozma’s own actions that resulted in the current near unwinnable situation

second the god of light is an egotistical asshole. the task he set was the most ego-stroking thing, 'prove humanity deserves to have us live among you again so we can hang that tantrum throw if a Sword of Damocles over your heads again’, Oz trying to enact his will doesn’t actually endear him really. plus the entire Salem situation can root back to him because he never tried to help her, like she was abused her whole life, she never learned adequate coping mechanisms for grief and his response was 'fuck off and get over it’

third, this 'mission’ has given Oz an enormous god complex that has made him willing to manipulate and use everyone around him for some nebulous 'greater good’ which he actually has no real plan for, he does nothing but lie including about situations that lying about actually makes things worse, hell he lies about lying.

Oz is responsible for numerous destroyed and ruined lives and the worst part is he won’t even hold himself accountable for them. 'they made their choice’ is his go-to excuse, and one that his lackeys will parrot, even when deaths like Pyrrha’s are entirely on him, because he manipulated her into that situation with an ultimatum piled up with guilt trips ('become our Fall Maiden, destroying your identity in the process and having a target on your back for the rest of your life, or the bad guys will win’ - hell Pyrrha didn’t even know Cinder wasn’t the worst of it because they were dangling that over her head too, 'we’ll tell you more once we know you’re with us’)

fourth, his machinations have given him a Lot of power over the world - he ended up as the King of Vale and used that position to subjugate the other rulers, dismantled their monarchies and instituted his schools, ensuring he’d effectively be able to stay in power from the shadows forever

the backstory we got in 6x03 wasn’t just depicting the tragedy of an abuse victim turned into a monster because the people in power kept screwing her over, it was also depicting the fall of a once noble man into a ghoulish parasite who throws lives away to maintain a stalemate that is hidden behind a curtain of peace
4/30 c24 Guest
So, how much do you trust Ozpin?

I am just curious as to how much the fandom trusts Ozpin. Personally I trust him to be against Salem, but I also would not put it past him to be one of the reasons if not the reason for why she wants humanity to die. (Had fun just going through Divide, and it really seems she wanted to tear apart humanity just to hurt him. And we already have both history repeating and revenge as themes.)

That and over multiple songs, the implication of lies has come up again and again.

Time To Say Goodbye:

And at times we can't help wondering...

Were we born to fight and die?

Sacrificed for one huge lie?

Are we heroes keeping peace?

Or are we weapons?

Pointed at the enemy

So someone else can claim a victory?

Just from the surrounding context, that lie does not fit Salem. The person most implicated to be having secondary motives is Ozpin.


And the greed will only grow more lies;

Greed does not fit Salem, she quite literally just wants humanity to die. Anything to fit the above line with Salem is currently conjecture.

We'll live our lives,

Watching our backs,

Not knowing who to trust or fear.

The above most strongly points to Cinder and company's actions and fallout there of. My question is whether the audience is to trust Ozpin or not.

The hate just swallows all the love,

And all the,

Truth will disappear...

Lost and blind;

Because changing the stories of the Maidens, Silvered Eyed Warriors and who knows what else... I would call that making the truth disappear as well. And if there are other true myths, that would make any present day descendants lost, as well as blind to there own heritage.

Especially since Sacrifice shares some of those same ideas:

Show them gods and deities,

Blind and keep the people on their knees.

Pierce the sky, escape your fate.

The more you try the more you'll just breed hate,

And lies.

Truth will rise,

Revealed by mirrored eyes.

Rising truth to counter it disappearing, breeding lies, blind. And the thing about Sacrifice, is that it is heavily directed at Ozpin.

The moon will sadly watch the roses die.

In vain,

Lost, no gain,

But you're not taking me.

You can't have my life,

I'm not your sacrifice.

Roses have been tied to only Summer and Ruby so far. Heavily so, and dying in vain, that Summer died in vain has been heavily implied by Red Like Roses Part II, and Ozpin was the one recruiting. I mean, Salem is the one doing the killing, so she can't be the one sacrificing the roses. The only other chessmaster so far is Ozpin.

And of course Divide, which is very much Salem ranting at Ozpin.

Legends and fairy tales

Scattered in time

Maidens and kingdoms

Wrapped up in a lie

The idea of lies is directly connected to the stories turned into fairy tales. It is not just from Salem's perspective. You have the one OP that is very much the hero's perspective wondering, as well as two unknowns.

But then again, I also stopped trusting him on a second rewatch of the first volume due to how Ruby nearly getting killed was shooed out of the discussion, and everything to do with Pyrrha and the Fall Maiden. I am biased, what can I say.

What do you think? Do you trust him and how far?
4/30 c24 Guest
RWBY v06e02: Ozpin did not waste time to prove Raven right
I have always had mixed feelings regarding Raven and even today I still think she can be redeemed; besides, after watching all the things that happened in this second episode I can understand her mindset and her motivations to do all the things she has done.

On the other hand, I never trusted Ozpin because he always gave me the impression that he spoke a lot of half-truths and kept even more information to himself. In fact, while many people compared him to Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, I always said he really was closer to Dumbledore from Harry Potter.

When Yang confronted him after meeting her mom, it said a lot that when asked for “no more lies, no more half-truths” his answer was “understood”. In that very moment I realized that he had no intentions of changing his behavior… and oh boy, he did not.

Not telling that the relic was a magnet for Grimms was a poor strategy, but when he was confronted (again) because of that, his reaction was way far of what you would expect of the wise and powerful headmaster of the first volumes.

Perhaps, the bright side of the whole situation was that we could understood more about Ozpin’s motivations and why he acts that way; however, in my opinion, if he wants to get support, that is the worst approach to use. Lionheart’s betrayal and Raven’s desertion are proofs of it (and Ozpin said there were others who betrayed him before)

Sadly, that was not the worst part, in the end, his behavior after noticing that Ruby had the relic reminded me Gollum from Lord of the Rings. His apparent inability to trust people can switch into paranoia really fast. Do you think that behavior is fitting of a person who has lived so many years?

Obviously, that behavior created a lot of tension between him and team RWBY to the point where Yang, Blake and Weiss did not hesitate to threat Crow to prevent him to help Ozpin against Ruby. What happened next was a “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”.

Ozpin lied again by saying the relic could not be used since all the questions had been already asked (there were two remaining), and he went berserk when Ruby asked the genie what everybody wanted to know by that point: “What is Ozpin hiding from us?” We have not gotten a complete answer to that question yet (courtesy of Rooster Teeth’s cliffhangers), but what was revealed in this episode showed that Ozpin might be responsible of Salem current state, her hatred towards humanity and her desire to destroy humanity.

By the way, I need to tell you that the revelation of Salem being human once was brutal. I know many people were theorizing that after watching the opening, but many people were also theorizing the blond girl was Glynda Goodwitch, so not everybody was expecting what happened.

On the other hand, the conflict between Ozpin and team RWBY was so big and the revelations were so brutal that I almost forgot that Maria Calavera was formally introduced in this episode. However, I have to say that I liked what I saw of her and I am pretty sure her future interactions with team RWBY are going to be awesome. Besides, considering what I saw in the opening is highly probable that she becomes a key person in this volume (many people is theorizing that she is using that fancy gadget to hid her silver eyes)

Another key point of this episode was the scene between Cinder and the underground group. I always had doubts regarding Fall’s death because of that old rule “no body, no death”. Besides, it would have been a total waste of a good character; especially since this mini arc of hers is showing a huge potential to be great.

In case you are wondering, I am not saying that just because Cinder’s intention of getting revenge. I still think that Neo is going to be back in this volume and that she is going to pursue her own vendetta against Fall. In fact, many people thought Neo was the woman wearing a robe in the opening but this episode confirmed them wrong. Nevertheless, I do not think Roman’s hat was shown in the opening just for misleading us to think that woman was not Cinder.

Ah and I have to say something about the spiders’ group’s leader. Lil’ Miss Malachite is clearly a woman who knows how the underground world works and I am pretty sure we will be seeing more of her in the future (even in the following volumes) Looking forward to that.

The plot is getting really interesting and we are finally getting huge revelations so I just cannot wait to watch episode 3. By the way, I could not help but remind Aladdin’s movie when I saw Jinn (great character design) See ya in my next review.
4/30 c24 Guest
Why i dont trust ozpin
The main reason I don't trust ozpin is because he is a proven liar . An example of this is when he tells Nora that the lamp is not in use since all the questions were used but then towards the end of chapter 2 ozpin tries to stop Ginn from telling them that they still have two questions left .

Another reason I don't trust ozpin is because he does not trust anyone and is keeping the information about the gods coming back and judging humanity a secret to the whole world except like 10 people . Yes I understand he doesn't want to betrayed again and doesn't want to start a panic, but ,not telling anybody about there fate is a real shady thing to do since the people of remnant can't help since they don't know and can't change it themselves .

Another reason I don't trust ozpin is because he is completely ignoring his objective . In volume 6 chapter 3 the light god tells ozma aka old ozpin to collect the 4 relics and to bring humanity together or else remanent will be eliminated instantaneously . Yes I j they were in a war for each other for decades.

In conclusion I don't hate ozpin competly anymore , we at least know what happened in his past that makes him the way he is . However if he doesn't start trusting people remanents screwed.
4/30 c24 tl34lt12
Nice update

Norman became Ultimate Goblin again (I actually hated that in the Ultimate verse, prefer the manic super soldier with a costume over an Abomination Clone)

Weiss finds even more kinship with Daisy/Skye and even Harry

But a Harry and Goblin story without Peter feels weird
4/30 c24 2Vein Bloodborne
So, Harry has been introduced and now the gang has to deal with the likes of the Green Goblin, and if that wasn’t enough we now have two Inhuman Supremacists working with A.I.M. of all people. Things are going to get rather hectic moving on.

Keep up the good work and stay safe.
4/30 c24 Theheroneeded
You know I’m not sure where you got the “undesirable” hating thing for the watchdogs. From what I gathered from the game, mostly how some of them were talking, their whole thing is that they had been convinced by AIM’s propaganda that the inhuman abilities were a deadly sickness that would eventually kill most of those “infected” and that hunting down inhumans was the only way to “prevent the spread” and “prevent more lives from being lost”.
To put it simply, they thought they were helping stop the spread of a deadly disease.
4/30 c24 1the mysterious Mr.E
Can't wait to see what aim is AIMing to do.
4/30 c24 29SulliMike23
I’m getting on the edge of my seat with this fanfic. I also hope that you’ll get someone to find Remnant and even have the Avengers free it from Kang. In the meantime, I look forward to the next chapter.
4/30 c24 13foxchick1
Was that a reference to the Secret Saturdays in the AN?
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