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9/1 c1 Spartan-A312
This would be great fanfic!
6/9 c1 Guest
Please continue this story
12/3/2020 c1 Freetimedude77
More please. How about the other princesses
6/30/2020 c1 1Johng23
To be honest I wouldn’t mind an interview or a chapter of Celestine reacting to SCPs or knowledge of the modern day or her thoughts of her capture and subsequent inprisonment.
12/14/2019 c1 Portalmesional Corporation
I'm kinda hoping this takes place in a broken masquerade timeline so Celestine can react to the more esoteric elements of the scp universe in a fairly safe way
11/29/2019 c1 14Enriks-Da-Writer
I wonder what would happen if she met Doctor Bright.
11/8/2019 c1 Guest
11/1/2019 c1 2Terumi Gremory
Oh man this is actually interesting I love it so far Celestine has some attention in the SCP foundation. Now I would love to see the next girl perhaps Olga or Chloe next now that would be both fun and interesting to read. Keep up the good work.
10/19/2019 c1 1NexusPrime42
She manage to escape the Black Dogs wonder how the world Eostia is doing.
10/6/2019 c1 Kill king
I like the idea of the story. Would like it to be a continuation story, we get to see our favorite elves to see the foundation itself and it’s weird safety creatures, too dangerous lethal horror abominations. Hell maybe (if this is how the story may go) she may probably change the minds of the Keter and/or Euclid class of scp mind Or nature.
Hell probably get a quick chat with her and 682 would be interesting, Probably the goddess could tame the beast, or the base will not be shackled
10/5/2019 c1 Guest
This story does have potential even if its just typical reports. The Foundation has within its facilities every imaginable horror and nightmare you could conjure locked up inside.

Living sculptures, zombie plagues, rogue A.I, unkillable monsters, interdimensional madmen, continent-sized sea creatures, ancient civilizations, alien technologies, mind-altering parasites, planet-destroying reality warpers, you name it - its there.

Exploring these and showing just what kind of damage they can do to enemies as terrible as the black dogs would be a sight to behold.
10/4/2019 c1 animeandgamerlover2
I quite like this.
10/3/2019 c1 Guest
I recommend using the Global Occult Coalition if you're going to fight the Black Dogs. Those guys specialize in killing monsters.
10/2/2019 c1 Ph0enix17
So wait if this version of the black dogs exist In the scpverse does that mean the black dogs back in eostia don’t exist?
10/1/2019 c1 8Danteinfernus
I want to touch the goddess's pointy ears. ;)
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