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for Harry Potter, Revan's Heir

6/1 c6 Callum Runchman
Well this looked like a good story to begin with but since there's been no update for over a year now I'm gonna presume it's been abandoned or forgotten about. Shame as I was hoping to see Harry in the far future change things about the HP timeline and show up in the modern day Galaxy somehow and show up a few Jedi
7/24/2021 c6 11thunderofdeath97
so is this still harr x multi? wouldn't mind if it is, lol
7/24/2021 c5 thunderofdeath97
don't really see why he's so 'touched', after all, it is only thanks to him using the force that they did all of this, so if he hadn't made them do it, they wouldn't have done it.

seems kind of pointless to be touched, from making someone do something for you
7/24/2021 c4 thunderofdeath97
i highly doubt ollivanders grandfather was able to use a basilsik fang to make a wand

basilisks are highly illegal to make or own, and highly dangerous, so i dont see how he could have gotten one outside the black market, which if he did, i would imagine something like that would be found easily?
7/24/2021 c3 thunderofdeath97
so i am confused as to the numbering system of the vaults

the potter main vault is 704, yet harry's vault is 687? shouldn't the main potter vault be lower than, since it came first?

hermiones own vault number is 415

do they just select the vault numbers at random then?
7/24/2021 c2 thunderofdeath97
you would think minerva would have more sense than hagrid
7/12/2021 c1 16Ptool
5/13/2021 c6 7SFD
Sorry for being petty, but a chocolate frog card will never is 'Vodemort' name.

I like this one - thanks for writing it!
5/5/2021 c6 Melikalilly
I love this story
4/21/2021 c6 8CCSakuraforever
Esta muy bueno el capítulo como le fue a harry en su primer día en la escuela me gusto en la escuela que quedo que paso ahí que sucederá mañana en las clases que aprenderá ahí en los primeros días de clases
4/21/2021 c6 Separ
Very nice start at school, the ravens will be a good house for him.
4/20/2021 c1 1jcizzle98
4/20/2021 c6 starboy454
Excellent update
4/20/2021 c6 1ssj3gohan007
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
4/19/2021 c6 15Leaf Ranger
So Harry has arrived...and is in ravenclaw? That's an interesting change. Guess we'l lsee what comes of it, won't we?

Keep up the excellent work!
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