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1/21/2023 c1 teamo12peri
This is fucking trash naofumi wouldn't even be able to enslave artreus especially since he'd be way too overleveled for naofumi to even try not to mention his divinity from being a demigod would denie the enslavement seal
12/22/2022 c2 Steven
Ok I like the idea of this story so far and wouldn't mind reading more.
11/25/2022 c2 38kyugan
As interesting as this story premise is, I feel I should point out that, given what Odin did to him, Mimir would never approve of Atreus accepting a Slave Contract with anyone, no matter the reason.

And I'm sure it doesn't need to be said but if Kratos ever learned of anyone enslaving his son, no amount of explanation would stop him from killing the perpetrator, even if Atreus tried to stop him.

If you truly wanted to have Mimir & Atreus accompany Naofumi, the best bet would be to have them join him either when the Heroes Companions are summoned or after he's framed for raping Bitch.
11/14/2022 c1 Dasgun
8/21/2021 c1 Guest
Being honest, to considers the the Legendary heroes are basically like a kind of gods in the world of Rising of the Shield hero, i thinks that this could causes several problems between Kratos and them, because if the Ghost of Sparta learns this information from the believers of the church of the four heavenly heroes or from Mimir, this could makes that Kratos become weary, distrustful and scornful toward the Legendary heroes, for be gods, much like his reaction when he learned that Freya is a goddess in God of War 4.

Adding that the personality, misguided perspective and wrong attitude of the four Legendary heroes, wouldn't help that Kratos can see them in good light.

In the case of Naofumi, the Shield hero, to considers his harsh and distrustful personality, and his nasty slightly way to treats others, like intimidation or blackmail, adding that he demands slavery to his companions, could makes that Kratos see Naofumi like a very cruel god that likes to imposes his power above others, even to the point of forces others to "pledge" him loyalty, like Ares did with Kratos, making that even Kratos see Naofumi no different to Ares, Zeus, Gaia, Odin or Thor. Adding that wouldn't help the fact that Naofumi enslaved his son Atreus, making that would be likely that Kratos will kick his ass for this, and maybe only could hold back in kills Naofumi by the begging of Atreus and Mimir, for mentioned that he saved them early, making that Kratos can shows the Shield hero mercy, for this time.

In the case of the three stooges (Spear, Sword and Bow heroes), to considers their naive and stubborn attitude, their ignorance to thinks that this world is a game, their arrogance to treats the people like NPCs, the lust to only seeks pleasure in the case of Motoyasu, the hunger for fame and glory in the case of Itsuki, i think that Kratos would see them no different from the averages gods that he already met, like arrogants beings that likes to treats the mortals like inferior beings, cruel deities that only cares their selfish interest, lustful pigs that only cares makes the love with anyone that they want it, and wicked gods that treats the world like their property, making that Kratos treats the stooges with a spiteful attitude, like people that don't worth his time and Kratos simply avoids them, at least that they will be so stupid to attack Kratos, gaining a deserved and painful beatdown from the Ghost of Sparta himself.

Being honest, to considers the nasty pieces of work that are Naofumi, Motoyasu, Itsuki and Ren as people and heroes, wouldn't be a surprise that Kratos end seeing them in very bad terms, whether they be gods or not.
7/27/2021 c2 Shadow55
Can please make story crossover of shield hero and God of war
4/4/2020 c2 Guest
Not to be a weirdo, but I like it if Atreus had some chemistry with Melty.
2/23/2020 c2 Guest
Don't forget to upload cross ange the knight of spear
1/17/2020 c1 Opossum
I also agree with the point of Focusphobia regarding to the possible problems by the slave crest in atreus, this without doubt would causes a lot problems and conflicts with kratos when he meets naofumi and find this, because kratos could see this slave crest similar like when he was forced in pledge loyalty to Ares to saves his life and defeat the barbarian king.

And even if kratos in the beginning was relatively happy to serves Ares, he eventually would regrets this decision: he would find that Ares only see him like a tool and weapon, and even the original god of war was willing to causes pain and suffering to kratos to fulfill his selfish objectives, deceived him to kill his wife and daughter, to makes kratos the "perfect warrior", to cost that kratos lost his family and had this incident in his conscious the rest of his life. Adding that after cut links with Ares, kratos in the future ends working to the gods and titans in god of war 1 and god of war 2 respectively, only to that this deities ends betraying kratos by their selfish interests, showing to kratos that serves to another being as their servant only would brings problems and misery, even if this new masters looks like as "noble" benefactors that apparently wish helps kratos with his problems, only to betrayed him when they thinks that kratos outlived his usefulness to them.

Then if kratos find this slave crest in atreus, this definitely would makes him angry toward naofumi and even atreus. In the case of naofumi for "enslaved" his son and "uses" him to his personal vendetta toward trash and bitch, and in the case of atreus for be too naive in allow naofumi makes him "pledge loyalty" to the shield hero, without knows his true motives beforehand. And i guess that kratos wouldn't matter if raphtalia and filo tries to defend naofumi pointing that he is a kind master, because this wasn't the first time that he thought that his masters were noble beings, making kratos weary of naofumi in spite to his real noble intentions, and would forces him to removes the slave crest of atreus as way to proves if naofumi is truly a good person and not a wicked master like Ares, Zeus or Gaia.

PS. I think that maybe the possible reason of naofumi to had the nerves of put a slave crest in atreus could be possibly that this fanfiction story is based more in the manga than anime, in that naofumi harbor a higher level of distrust than in the anime version, to the point of that any people that joins to his party, should be applied a slave crest, even he applies this spell to Rishia in the manga version, showing a great level of distrust, to the point of not allow permanent members lacks a slave crests out of fear to be betrayed. But if naofumi knows that is convenient to him, i hope that he agrees in removes the atreus's slave crest at once, when kratos demand it, otherwise, naofumi would tastes the rage of kratos.
1/15/2020 c1 Focusphobia
Why would Naofumi enslave Atreus? The only reason he did that with Raphtalia was because he was desperate and out of options, while Filia was basically a pet, until she wasn't. At this point, he could just invite the boy to the adventuring party and everything would be fine, especially since Atreus is human in appearance and not a demi-human, so he won't be subjected to prejudice.
And Kratos would be furious with Naofumi, probably to the point of straight up trying to kill him, because how dare this slaver brand his son with sorcery. Sorcery that Naofumi is incapable of just doing because he had to go to the Slavemaster to redo Raphtalia's slave crest after it was removed at the duel.
1/2/2020 c1 kerrowe
Random snippets rather than a whole story huh?
I think it would have helped of it was mentioned that the slavery mark was something they could remove later. Because Kratos definitely wouldn't like it if he knew for sure, more so if a solution to that wasn't mentioned.
12/29/2019 c1 Guest2
More please
11/18/2019 c1 Guest
More please!
11/3/2019 c1 Guest
After think more about this story, i remembered that this story is based in god of war 4, then kratos wouldn't be so hothead and merciless like the kratos of the original trilogy, then maybe this could help naofumi to could reasons with kratos about his reason to put a slave crest in atreus without any nasty incident, as this kratos is more pragmatic and wise, making him more reasonable than his past self of god of war 3, whom wouldn't doubt in rip off the head of naofumi by messed with his family without exchange of words.

Nevertheless, kratos still could scold naofumi for the slave crest and would orders him remove it from his son, because as spartan warriors, is unnacceptable be the slave of their companions, as every warrior in the team should be considered like an equal, and even if naofumi don't treat like slaves his slaves, kratos still want that naofumi removes this slave crest from his son to follow the warrior code appropiatelly, after all the fact of put a slave crest in their companions, only is a proof of lack of trust in them to the eyes of kratos, something unnacceptable and even coward to spartan standards.

And if bitch and trash would tries to do something against kratos or atreus, considering that this is kratos of god of war 4, he maybe only limits to beat them up severely and leaving them traumatized phsycologically to the point of suffers PTSD by the simple fact of think in the ghost of sparta, because to be more wise and less bloodthristy, this kratos wouldn't get to far in kill someone in cold blood inmediatelly without gives a chance to back off, unlike the kratos of god of war 3 whom would leaves all the kingdom of melromarc on fire only because trash or bitch insults him.
11/3/2019 c1 abdultouredoumbia
It's to bad that you never continued this story I would have love to see how it turned out Kratos needs a little more credit though he is a changed man I really believe he would try his best to keep his rage in check as he would instantly know the world is a lot weaker than the Norse realm. No doubt he would want the slave crest to be removed without heavy convincing from Atreus and Mimir to learn more about the world. He would also be a great teacher for Naofumi to help him quell his rage. If you continue this you might want to consider powering the shield hero characters.
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