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for Quarantine Zone No 6

9/26/2020 c35 20Fullshadow
Fura made me feel like I need to go take a shower.

Can't wait for more.
9/20/2020 c33 Fullshadow
'his grey eyes like slivers of moonlight.' Love that.
9/19/2020 c30 Guest
9/19/2020 c28 Guest
9/19/2020 c27 Moonlight
Nooooo! Kiss him you idiot!
9/16/2020 c27 Fullshadow
'hard to refuse Nezumi when he was making their skin crawl by staring at them so earnestly.' HAHAH. Yeah.
9/15/2020 c26 Fullshadow
Nothing my ass Nezumi.
7/17/2020 c25 Fullshadow
I like how they got into an argument in this chapter. It shows that they're far from being perfect which they're not. No one is. Very will done with their argument. And how he asked Shion It was either him or NO 6. which I always felt that that the ultimatum was kind of unfair. And just love how Shion turned it around on him. He hit a nerve there. (Well done Shion.) And the conflict between them, just, wow, you did so very well with that. Very very well.

As always, can't wait for more.
7/17/2020 c24 Fullshadow
There was some major flirting going on there. Lol. I love how it was so natural the way they were flirting with each other, so natural, in fact, that I don't think they even realized it. Lol But I suppose everything came naturally to these two. Great job with that by the way. :-)
7/1/2020 c23 Fullshadow
Wow! What a chapter. It was interesting to see Shion all alone. And poor guy. His so lonely when his one true loves not around. Lol.

Like always, I Can't wait for more.
6/26/2020 c22 Fullshadow
Man I'm all caught up again. Damn. I seriously cannot read this fast enough.

I love how you are keeping the characters in character, which is something I struggle with, to be honest.

They are so falling for one another. Man, I want them to kiss soon. (Damn it! Shion! Kiss your man already. We all know you want to. XD)

I like how you have the different sides of Nezumi, and how you describe it. I also like how you had Shion realize that he is attracted to Nezumi. Though, I always thought that both Nezumi and Shion realized they were attracted to one another pretty much at the same time. Although, I think Nezumi realized his attraction to Shion first. Because, let's face it, Shion can be a air head at times, if not all the time. Lol.

I'll be waiting with baited breath for the next chapter and the kiss.

Can't wait for more.
6/25/2020 c21 Fullshadow
Man. Now I'm gonna have to wait to for the Next chapter. Lol.

Can't wait for more
11/23/2019 c16 Fullshadow
'Now who's acting like a blushing virgin?' Ooh good one Shion, you go, just love how he turned it around on Nezumi, that's something Shion would do I think.

Shion is being perfectly rational, but he can be dense and an airhead, and your doing really well with that by the way.

I like this chapter a lot, I could feel something shift in Shion's and Nezumi's relationship right along with them, good job with that. I can tell that their relationship is shifting to something more then they thought it would. Can't wait for the kiss, who's gonna kiss who?

And Shion was so jealous, I've always felt like Shion would be the jealous type for some reason, though think Nezumi would be too when it comes to Shion, though Nezumi is a lot of thing's when it comes to his Shion.

Can't wait for more.
11/22/2019 c16 31Mitsukuri.Ryoko
Shion's last line was so savage I recoiled with the impact it had. God. First you had me laughing at their misunderstanding, then you hit me when Shion changes her attitude and plainly attacked Nezumi. It's perfect.
11/22/2019 c16 10AnimaQueen
I’m glad you are writing this story. So few people like the nezumixshion relationship
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