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2/1 c22 XxVickyMoonxX
Omg, I feel so embarrassed for her lol.
1/30 c28 3mnbvcxz-xx
I am so excited for the finale! Preparing myself for whatever chaos will happen in the next chapter. Mixed feelings, cause at the same time I'm really sad that this story is almost at the end.

Thank you for the update!
1/15 c27 Mnbvcxz-xx
Oh my! Helena is out! I’m so nervous and excited! Thank you for your update!

P.S. hope that you are doing well :)
10/8/2020 c26 cupofcakes
Woaahh, it's such a surprise that Phoenix is Mia's mother! I can't believe 5 girls remaining now. I am thrilled Juliette gets her date invite, can't wait to see their reconciliation.
10/10/2020 c26 mnbvcxz-xx
I can't believe Phoenix is Mia's mother! That really caught me by surprise. I have quite a bad feeling about Juliette's plan to let Helena out. I hope she's not stepping into a trap.

I can't wait for Adonis and Juliette's scene! Congratulations on the milestone! I'm looking forward to see how you'd wrap up this story. There's still so much to unravel, I'm excited!
10/9/2020 c26 1rysarium
yayyyyy an update for The Assassination! here are some quick thoughts!

—well Adonis is doing some shady things but letting Willow go was sweet and while Willow def moved on QUICKLY I am excited for her happiness! Because I feel like a lot of these girls aren’t gonna end up happy! Hahahahaha—I’m laughing to hide the tears okay
—love homegirl Juliette doing fun espionage-y stuff even if she’s probably about to go to jail, but I did not see the Phoenix plot twist coming at ALL. I think I’m just rly dumb and unobservant at this point and should probably be paying a lot more attention, but you’re a plotting QUEEN.
—I will literally bet 500 dollars that Juliette and Adonis’s dinner date does not end in Juliette getting sent home, but ends in either them making out or them fighting. Maybe even both, for extra spice! They are fated to be constantly either at each other’s throats or, well, at each other’s throats in a different way SO don’t worry Juliette you got this
—so proud of you for getting this far into the story and being so close to the end! Can’t wait to see how it all goes down but not gonna lie I’m also quaking from fear. And A BRADI SELECTION SYOC? cue screaming from my end
10/8/2020 c26 5Fairysecret01
I have a really bad feeling about the plan with Helena. Like a really, really, really bad feeling. Also, why would the guards leave the cell unguarded for even a few minutes? I guess maybe she can try to knock them unconscious but I really doubt that would work. I am legit so excited to see how Juliette does this because if it was me...I think I would try to get myself eliminated before Helena told and move to like Russia or something and change my name.

OMG PHOINEX IS MIA’S MOTHER. THE TEA I LITERALLY CANNOT BELIVE THAT. The prime minister is lowkey sus, I can’t tell what his endgame is. I feel like he wants to be the king, but he’s playing a risky game. What if, he’s trying to get them family assuaged only to pin it on Juliette and her dad so he can be free to become the ruler and then start his dictatorship? I feel like that’s a very real possibility and that kinda sucks.

Also, pls no kill Adonis. He doesn’t deserve it. If you really want someone to die, kill Juliette. She’s already an accomplice to murder not to mention about to break out a would be killer. She deserves it.
10/8/2020 c1 Guest
Really hope you're not giving up on this amazing story! Hope all is well w you
7/17/2020 c25 3mnbvcxz-xx
I hope you’re doing well! Thank you for updating! I’m excited for the Adonis reunion that’s coming up. I miss their moments together too. And for Mia, I hope she’s not gonna be put in danger by being in Juliette’s plan. Juliette’s smart, I think she’ll get Helena out. I’m just not sure at what cost.
7/14/2020 c25 cupofcakes
It's exciting to find out about the anti-rebel group inside the palace. I think the attempt to break Helena out would not be that smooth, who knows, maybe Juliette would run into Adonis along the way.
7/14/2020 c25 Guest
Loved the chapter! I’d like to see how Juliette planned to use Mia to get to the office. I can’t wait for reunion with Adonis!
7/14/2020 c25 5Fairysecret01
Oh Juliette. Sweet, naive stupid Juliette.

I feel very conflicted here. Obviously I want Juliette to stay alive, but at the same time she’s part of the rebels, and I would like the rebels to be gone. Furthermore, her plan to stay alive is to break a girl who almost killed darling Adonis in his own palace. I know this is an absolutely horrible thing to say, and Juliette, under normal circumstances I would never wish for it...

But I’m kinda hoping Jolene gets caught.

Hear me out: Jolene gets caught, and -sob- gets executed. This means that Adonis lives, the rebels don’t have their ticket Into the palace anymore, Helena goes bye bye too. It’s a lose-win-win.

Wow. Pheoinix is part of an anti-rebel rebel group? Talk about double crossing the double crosser. Color me impressed. I can’t believe pheonix gave all that information to Juliette. She jeaporidezed her life for a (almost) killer. Sigh.

Great chapter!
7/14/2020 c24 Guest
Great story! Thanks for sharing. I hope you’d continue!
5/18/2020 c24 1rysarium
For some reason, I totally missed the fact that chapter 23 ever came out? So when I saw this this morning I was like wow a double update! And then I just realized that I totally forgot to review chapter 23 lmao.

So, quick thoughts on chapter 23: okay, that's definitely a plot twist I wasn't expecting. I didn't think Helena would think that it was Juliette's plan, so damn. Also, the argument with Adonis was painful to read ouch (but the scenes of them either fighting or making out are deeply entertaining to read, haha, so don't worry about it!). I felt for Juliette there, because that hurt, but I also understand where Adonis is coming from. He's the crown prince, and he's been raised a certain way, so of course their ideologies are going to clash.

Theory: Phoenix wrote the note. That's the most likely explanation I can think of. I don't trust Helena, though, and I think she'll probably still sell Juliette out even if Juliette gets her out tbh.

It was cute to see Juliette interacting with her friends again! Although, you know, if Helena was a rebel and Phoenix wasn't responsible for the note, I'm not sure if I can trust everyone. Still, it was cute to see this interaction with Maisie and Hallee lol.

I love Mia, but that princess comment makes me suspicious. Almost as if, you know, the Prime Minister is preparing to topple the monarchy or possibly take the throne for himself, so Mia would become the princess? You know? Hmm, I got my eye on the PM.
4/29/2020 c23 3mnbvcxz-xx
Is it weird that I'm enjoying the drama between Juliette and Adonis? Lol. I like how passionate they get and I'm hoping Adonis would apologize. I don't think he really wants someone who always agrees with him, he needs to be challenged too. I can't wait to see them make up again, hopefully soon!
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