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6/19 c2 narutouzumaki9718
5/19 c2 mattcun
i cant wait to see the next chapter
5/19 c2 5angel61991
This seems pretty cool so far.. so taking place before the first movie then? I'm not sure what year the movie is actually supposed to be taking place in so considering that Harry was born in 1980 I can understand having this set before the movie happens. I really hope Remus finds out that Sirius was framed and he's not really a traitor sooner then he did in canon... maybe ask Dracula for help staging a break out? That would be awesome... having DRACULA vs the Dementors to help rescue the wrongly accused Dogfather (heh) from Azkaban several years early.
4/20 c2 2chiposkippy
I hope you continue with this. It seems like an amazing concept!
4/18 c2 1Drauggil
I love the idea and I love your writing style!
Maybe there 'll be some more one day? *looking hopeful*
2/10 c2 Nikkless
hope you will continue this
11/19/2020 c2 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Wonder what dracula wants to talk about... Things might get heated if "the cupboard" gets asked about.
10/21/2020 c2 There are not names
Loved it sad it was discontinued
10/9/2020 c2 11stevem1
This is a fun story. I like how Remus did what he should have done in canon, check up on Harry.
9/23/2020 c2 ladyamy26072003
Me encanta
9/23/2020 c2 85Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet
I have to say, I'm surprised Remus didn't take one look at the zombies, shout 'INFERI!' and book it... Although I guess they could be benevolent inferi so long as they're beholden to Dracula? This could be a very fun view on dark spells and how they can be used. Two bits by the time Harry gets to Hogwarts (if Remus lets him go back) he'll know all about blood wards, blood rituals, dark creatures, dark curses and the like and totally use them for funny, average, every-day things that everyone else at Hogwarts will kind of just stare in a sort of horrified awe at. LOL Some minor blood ritual to heal skinned knees would freak Britain's wizards out. *snort*

Looking forward to seeing more of this.
9/13/2020 c2 Lysab9113
OMG it's amazing, especially little Harry so cute. Can't wait for more please update soon
9/3/2020 c2 major wallace
Awesome work
9/2/2020 c2 foxxyinu
really love the story so far! i kinda want dracula and/or other monsters remove harry's soul shard and suddenly he has metamorphous abilities! he'll fit in better :3
8/17/2020 c2 Meg Murray1
Such a great story! Can't wait to read some more! It would be awesome to see Harry flying on a witch's broomstick! Good luck! :)
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