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for Fate: Paths Diverge

5/30 c3 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
7/18/2022 c3 11Mukuro234
Awesome! Creature inheritance! Fey maybe?
11/12/2021 c3 Argonaut986
A conversation, and some wine could lead to…other things.
11/12/2021 c2 Argonaut986
That was interesting.
11/12/2021 c1 Argonaut986
Akira would be DISGUSTED, if he knew what Tokiomi did to Sakura?
8/21/2021 c3 RavenTheSilverKing
Hey, I really love the story, and while you haven't updated this story in a while I hope you'll continue it one day as I really like the look of it so far.
12/10/2020 c3 johan02granberg
Please continu this story
9/21/2020 c2 Tin
9/21/2020 c1 Tin
Up please...
9/21/2020 c3 Tin
9/21/2020 c2 Tin
Please more up...
9/21/2020 c1 Tin
Up this story please...
9/19/2020 c1 Tin
Hope this update soon...
9/17/2020 c3 Faery66
Hope to read more soon.

9/16/2020 c1 Tin
Nice...! Next chapter please...
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