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3/1 c1 1Adamos amet
Author, I can see that you have disabled your DMs mostly because of hate so I wanted to say you are an amazing author and I was inspired to write so I hope this message reaches but can I continue your abandoned story Sign in for the ANBU?
1/5 c1 Guest
Story is abandoned? Like you were as a child you worthless fuck? Quit then you whiny bitch, that's all you seem to be good at.
6/29/2023 c10 2codrickp51
Man i was reading this story and frankly it’s pretty amazing. Thanks to a bunch of idiots you spoiled it for everyone, if you dont like it then write your own goddamn story you piece of shit garbage of a human being
6/7/2023 c10 Guest
Lol bro got triggered
1/29/2023 c10 crazyaboutrandomstuff
for everyone that insulted, put down, invalidated the feelings and laughed about the author in the comments of this story: YOU are the problem and it ist obvious that in the end it's not only the User formerly known as BaddieDZ2! I wouldn't want to write for negative and/or hateful people like you either. Stop trolling and demanding things from people you don't even know. How can anyone be this entitled to something they don't own? Maybe you get put down in real life and think: well let's do that to people on the internet so I feel better about myself. Maybe you FEEL better, but you ARE worse for it. We all should learn to react with compassion, understanding and positivity to things not spew hate and other negative stuff...

I just hope the author is well and didn't stop writing altogether because they're good at it. Author if you ever read this good on you for standing up for yourself!
10/3/2022 c10 Guest
You really are quite the pathetic individual, and you'll have a massive problem in your life when you'll eventually be forced to work with unpleasant people in your workplace.
6/30/2022 c10 TheBroble
You obviously haven't worked retail XD
4/26/2022 c9 elenaynoa4
Me encanta tu historia, gracias
12/15/2021 c10 jacksparrow411
11/25/2021 c10 2TheMaelstorm'sVengeance
Totally understand, and if you never see this that is okay. But I wanted to say that your story is bloody brilliant, even unfinished, and I love your writing. Maybe one day all the fucks in this world will finally fuck off and you can write again. I hope to see that day soon and thank you.
11/24/2021 c10 Bussines
Well the haters won, it is very ridiculous to take hateful comments seriously, most of them are from rat children.
11/20/2021 c10 Guest
And this is why haters and rude readers who want to bully, harshly critics, or make death threats, shouldn't be here or on this website.
10/2/2021 c10 Guest
God this author's note is just sad that douchie comment was really pretty tame yet it made you quit! Just cause someone called you a dum-dum a dim child's insult! Seriously just sad. I don't know how you lasted that long before quitting if thats all it took. Makes me think assholes on the internet was just an excuse to do what you already wanted to do quit.
8/28/2021 c10 Anon
I went back and read some of the 'flames' and I've got to say I don't blame the author for leaving. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves! If you don't like the story then Don't Read the Quiet Frankly Amazing Damn Stories!

You've ruined it for everyone one else bc you don't like it.. If its not the way you want it, then right your own damn stories!
8/28/2021 c9 Guest
Yay enter Karin!
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