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3/21/2022 c16 2Rina17
And here’s the 100 cause I know what you mean hahaha. I hate that too. Sometimes I like some comments just because there are 99 or 39 likes ;D
3/21/2022 c1 Rina17
Aaah that was a very nice one, loved it! And don’t care about some stupid comments. Of course, I’m sometimes upset about some decisions authors make too, but it’s still their decision and it’s right so <3

P.s. Sorry for my English
9/19/2021 c16 Dany
I read you didn’t like odd numbers so I hope this makes you happy. If you are still following the reviews for this.

#98 - I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I love reading Darvey as parents and as anxious as you made me towards the end there this was truly a great story.
8/31/2020 c16 1Suitsfannumber999999999999999
Oh my god, I loved this story so, so much. (I'm sorry that this leaves it at an odd number, but I just had to review :))
6/5/2020 c16 RafCL83
Hi! Just want to tell you, I read your story well after it was written, so that's why I only review it in the last chapter. It was a great story, I'm glad that you got to finish it even if sometimes you had doubts and lack of motivation because not enough response came to you. (I discovered you as an author recently, I've now read all your stories, they're great).
You write very well, are able to convey many emotions. There is suspense, angst, heavy emotions involved. The pinacle of it being in my opinion the way Harvey takes Penelope in his arms after discovering she's his daughter after all. That was very powerful. Not to say the rest of the story wasn't but that moment was beautiful.

Just have some remarks/questions (but they don't really matter, don't taint the story). At some point, you mentionned that Harvey HAS been with Paula and Donna kissed him while he was with her. Which supposed Harvey even met Paula, for panick attacks. But I wondered when that did happen, since Harvey and Donna, from what I gather, got together shortly after Donna told him she got pregnant. So she never left him. He never had panick attacks (or why would he have had them?). I would have wanted to know a little bit more of what happened in the 6 years we didn't get to see. It can't follow the shows events.
Anyway it was just a little thing but it's really not important. I loved the story anyway. As I was reading, sometimes I swung between failing to understand why they didn't get the answer of Harvey's paternity way before STephen reappeared (sensing that it was kind of out of character for them), but other, I just understood fully that Harvey, finally opened to his feelings for Donna, would indeed not have cared and would have done anything for her, to be with her, even loving a child of hers that might not be his. ANd that was beautiful, and in the end what allowed the story to happen! :-) So! really it doesn't matter. I get all the feelings you describe about Harvey swinging between the need to know and the unability to fathom that the child he has come to love as his own could not be his.

Well I hope you think about writing another story, because you do it very well, and I would be very happy to read it!
Take care.
2/21/2020 c16 SuitsFanatic22
Love this!
2/19/2020 c16 14raffertysink
2/18/2020 c16 3PrisonBreakFan08
Loved this epilogue! It was funny and sweet! More kids for Donna and Harvey, a dog: We love chaos!
2/18/2020 c16 Guest
It would great to have a chapter in Stephen’s POV from the moment he finds out he’s not the father and seeing Darvery having a happy family day in the city
2/12/2020 c15 Lini12345
Thank you for this Story! Hope to read from you very soon!
2/12/2020 c15 Carolina
I loved the fic...very dramátic ...but what happened with Steven..
2/11/2020 c15 Guest
Loved this so much! And the answer is YES we do want what a timejump! I want to see them with that 2nd baby...and with a dog ;p !
Thanks for this story!
2/11/2020 c15 Lightmyrollie
This was incredible! I hope you end up writing more
2/11/2020 c15 catskeye
Great final chapter
2/11/2020 c15 54andsocanshe
MY HEART, I loved this. So much, seriously. I definitely figured out that /that/ surprise was coming during the last scene of chapter 11 and I’m SO happy to be proven right. The best surprise.
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