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8/21 c34 12excessivelyperky
The Potters are lying, or they would ok with making that Vow. And Harry knows it.

Albus is saying good-bye to the man he loved, and realizes that Gellert was gone long before today.

As for Seneca? Mariana lost her love long ago, and knows now she should have chosen her daughter over her husband. She lost him very long ago indeed.
7/18 c37 A
Thank you
7/12 c33 excessivelyperky
Gellert's a fool-the timeline where Snape was killed was the one where Voldemort killed him, too.

And offer Older Snape a quiet cup of poison. He's likely to take it.

Yes, Gellert *loved* Albus. Not any more. And Albus knows it.

Hmm, I'm thinking Azkaban...
7/2 c32 excessivelyperky
If Harry is going to act like a child, he's going to be treated like one. The problem is that Harry thinks being treated like a child is like being with the Dursleys again, or even Molly Weasley.

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed.
6/10 c31 excessivelyperky
I'm still not sure why Grownup Snape wanted the other timeline, given what happens to him from Nagini, but of course he can never be allowed to win at anything, alas.

I'm glad that Gellert finally realized just how serious Albus really was. (though Albus will have to guard against treachery for the rest of his life, which won't be fun).

And Harry always wins, we get that part.
6/9 c37 NaomiK
I liked this a lot. I’m very impressed at the amount of action in these stories, the plot is excellent. And supported by these absolute gems of insight into the characters and the lovely domestic scenes :)
Thanks for writing!
6/1 c30 excessivelyperky
Hmm, maybe Sort of Alive Snape knows that Gellert will be in Nurmengard if they succeed, and decides that's just what Gellert deserves for dragging him to life anyway?

And Albus' heart is breaking, because he himself will never be enough for his beloved.
5/28 c37 Guest
Thanks for your great story! And please do write a sequel!
5/25 c29 excessivelyperky
Well, that was an unexpected plot twist. I wouldn't think Adult Snape would care for the original timeline either (cough Nagini cough cough).

And I expect that Gellert is not going to be amused to find himself in Nurmengard, but frankly, at this point he deserves it.
5/18 c28 excessivelyperky
Wait a minute, you said Mariana was at the door with Severus and her wand and not much else. Then Orion tells Harry they came over with most of their belongings.

But of course Harry will visit more often-he doesn't have to divide his attention between Sev's household and that of Sirius and Regulus.
5/15 c27 excessivelyperky
Yeah, the Potters are asking way too much and aren't going to get it.

So is Grindelwald. I think Albus is going to have to make some hard choices really soon now.

And Mariana already has, to save Severus. Good for her!
5/15 c37 Helliotine
this was so good and i loved it so much, it probably does not absolutely need a sequel but i would certainly not object to that ahah
thanks a lot for publishing this!
5/13 c37 HoneyBear84
Love it
5/5 c26 excessivelyperky
Yes, Harry feels obligation towards young Severus; and if he ever really thought about the reality that Snape faced at the hands of the Marauders, and the way Lily actually treated him, he would realize that this timeline is far better.

I think Grindelwald would be happier at Albus' side than in Nurmengard. And Albus is happier with Gellert at his side than the solitary Headmaster teaching all Gryffindors that everything they do is right.

Yes, Harry feels obligation towards young Severus. But he *loves* Sirius and Regulus (and Severus clearly has figured that part out).
4/28 c25 excessivelyperky
Oh, my, this confession is way overdue, and Harry desperately needed to make it.

And Orion has changed into the man who is more concerned about Harry than about what he wants for himself.
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