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for Kairos Amid the Ruins

4/17 c29 42Meel Jacques
I can't believe you stopped the story when the action starts?! You mean.
I will be waiting for more *0* thank you!
4/10 c29 LeightonWD
Great work this is a really good chapter.
4/10 c29 1GolDEin13
What a plot twist! Snape? As in Snape in Harry's original timeline! Wow... Never thought that cloaked man was Severus Snape... I got a feeling that Severus Snape was not actually dead in the original timeline. He faked his dead and living a content life being free (maybe not content but free) and Harry just have to ruin it. Maybe Snape was accidentally travelled back due to the timeline being broken cuz of Harry... and he couldn't accept his situation in this timeline...
4/9 c29 1Astrid of Dragons
Well... plot twist! I did not see Snape coming! I’m interested to know how that works, I’m mean he was dead. Although, yay! Orion to the rescue!
4/9 c29 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
4/9 c29 mizzrazz72
Gellert should have stayed by Albus. Now he's gonna die.
4/9 c29 23Rori Potter
Oh my! Update soon.
4/9 c29 Dodrebur
I love this story, but there is one strange thing about this twist for me. Why is Harry's first question about Snape having been dead when he's already met many individuals who were dead at his departure time? It would have honestly been weirder if he had still been alive at that point and showed up (I can't remember Harry interacting with anyone else that was true for - that might just be my memory though).

The real question, the thing which kept convincing me it couldn't be Snape in previous chapters, is "why are there apparently 2 of him but only 1 of everyone else?" I don't really get that. It's the most obvious stand - out difference other than his knowledge of what happened in the original timeline.

Does this mean there can be doubles of other people lurking around somewhere? If not, why is it only him? Is it because Snape essentially took Harry's role in this timeline? Did that make his younger self into an analogue for Harry Potter, leaving an open slot for the role of Severus Snape? That's the only theory I have right now, but it doesn't sit quite right with me. Even if it's sort of on the right track, it feels like a stretch with the information I currently have. I'll have to think on it more, I suppose.

Anyway, kind of a confusing reveal, but I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes :)
4/8 c29 1Pouika
Merci pour ce chapitre
Thank you for his chapter
So suprising old Severus ? or Gellert in disguise ?
Si surprenant le vieux Severus ? Ou Gellert déguisé ?
4/8 c29 17griffin blackwood
Omg Snape and Grindewald? That was amazingly unexpected
4/8 c29 2Alianna15
Woh! Major Showdown! Can’t wait to read that...
4/7 c28 cerulean369
Maybe Voldie is the one in the cloak and has the supposed alliance with Prince. Seeing the Potters reaction and the way they mostly care about their reputation above all makes me sad and disappointed for Harry’s sake, but it’s understandable as they are still Purebloods who hold us certain ideals of not all. Orion has it baddd for Harry ;))) I’m glad he has someone to confide in.

I’m very excited for your next update!
4/7 c14 cerulean369
I really really really hope Harry tells the Potters the truth, he of all people deserves to have the love of the family that was torn away from him. :(
4/7 c5 cerulean369
Five chapters in and I’m so intrigued! This fic has the makings of greatness. The way you combine your words make it have that effortless pace. I had a question and I thought you might have mentioned in earlier chapters and I missed it but how old is Harry? I’m assuming this is post DH when Harry time travels, so is he maybe in his early 20’s? I can’t wait for Harry to see Sirius again!
3/28 c28 littlesprout
Loved it
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