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for Strange Lovers

3/28 c8 Ryu
and makoto's family when will they meet akane?
3/19 c6 38Bionic Slime
It's SO nice to see you finally updated the story! I was worried it was gonna be dead and buried in limbo. I love Akane and it's amazingly sweet to see her in a lovey dovey relationship with Makoto. I never would have seen it coming but I am SO glad you did it cause it is SO much fun to read. It's nice seeing a softer side to her and trying to be romantic.

The main reason I am leaving a review on this particular chapter is because of all the side ships you've done, I absolutely ADORE Twogami and Ibuki. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! Its such a better fit than Ibuki randomly being shipped with another female character. I've only read one other story where they were a couple and it was a short story. I would LOOOOOOVE to see this side ship fleshed out more here, or better yet, in their own story! Please make it happen?! Just a heartfelt request for this heartwarming couple you've adorably crafted.
3/16 c8 thewirlydirly
I literally couldn’t hide my smile in class when I got the message for the new chapter! Please please please make more!
3/16 c8 Mr. Starman
YES! More Strange Lovers! Man I was hoping this wouldn't get dropped but thankfully that's not the case! And it's another cool chapter! Keep up the awesome work!
3/16 c8 codywhite162
Loved this so much! Looking forward to more :)
3/16 c7 2Mr. Haziq
I'll be honest, it took me a bit of thinking to realize it was Sayaka.
3/16 c8 9wesst1
Love this chapter! You did a great job, my friend!
3/16 c8 8dippytrippy122
I have no clue how you managed to make such an adorable and well written romance between these two but I adore this story. Keep it up:))
3/16 c8 Guest
please make a fic where makoto dates a girl from class 79
tenko kaede miu
and one of chisa yukizome
2/14 c2 Mr. Starman
Hey Valentine's day! When I heard it was today, I decided to reread this chapter again. Still hoping there's more chapters coming because I wanna see more Makoto and Akane!
1/1 c7 Fan Man
Well, it's the one year anniversary of the last chapter of this fanfiction. I'm hoping there are more chapters coming and get to Makoto and Akane's romance. I'm really hoping there's going to be a smut chapter, wink wink.
10/21/2021 c7 Starman
This series was amazing! I would never think of these two, but I could definitely see these two as a couple. I would LOVE IT if you were to add more chapters.
9/23/2021 c7 Guest
Can you please update and add more chapters? I love this ship. Also would you be willing to add a lemon or smut chapter?
6/23/2021 c5 thewirlydirly
Can I still hope for an update?
6/4/2021 c7 Guest
Lemon please
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