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for Whispers of The Dark Crystal

5/11 c1 25TurboTasticKingCandy
Loving this story, looking forward to see what happens next! It also makes a good idea story of what Season 2 may bring!
4/1 c2 114Gracekim20
Thank you so much. I think it will help us all as we wait for season 2. Quick question: how many years past between the galrithm (I mean the thing the scientist created. I can’t spell it right) wars where most of the gefling were taken and when the movie happens?
2/10 c1 31Kaiju Alpha
I like how you acknowledged Raunip and the Makraks... then again, Raunip is still technically part of the Dark Crystal lore.
12/6/2019 c1 114Gracekim20
I love it so far. Good luck ;)
10/4/2019 c1 5chaela.info
Hello there! I just stumbled over your fic and think it's a great Start! There are so few good fics for AOR out there and we have yet so much waiting time ahead of us - if we are lucky enough to get s2. Please continue this. It will surely make the wait a little easier - and I am really curious what happened to Rian and Deet in your Story. :)

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