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11/29/2021 c14 Zate560
You did it again. Another great chapter! Its been so long since the last current day episode but ya didnt miss a beat. Bernie got to make a grand redebut as her soldier self. As scary as it was it makes sense it would be oddly liberating after years of being controlled, cooped up and depressed. A return to what the only times she felt excitement and truly happy.
Im glad she finally woke up because we finally get to see her friendship shine with her maids! I loved seeing them be playful with her as well as seeing them care for her not just as maids. Its a shame itll be over soon but I dont think this will be the past we see of them. They might just get promoted by the time this story concludes.
We'll just have to see.
10/11/2021 c1 Yoshistar123
This first chapter was done really well. Fluffy wholesomeness is always the right way to go with Bernadetta, and I loved it! The two's relationship makes sense, and it really flows nicely. I liked how you brought up things from the actual game, such as the supports, and Bernadetta's secret hobbies and interests (even the obscure ones like fishing). Overall, will read lore definitely!
9/20/2021 c13 Zate560
Every conversation in this chapter felt so impactful. Even the curt ones felt necessary for planting the seed for the characters to grow like the convos with Jeralt and Ashe. And that one where Bernadetta recounted her school trip gave me chills. She repressed that for so long that hearing it all come out was so cathartic. I loved how empathetic Dorothea was to her trauma as well as the emotion Bernadetta showed when she said she wants to go back to spending time with Byleth. Speaking of, Byleths regrets were well presented and had believable justification for why he was so hung up with Bernadettas growth. Breaking her trust must feel terrible, after this he outta cherish it even more. What more can I say besides, that wait was certainly worth it!
6/10/2021 c12 Guest
I just finished my first fire emblem run a few weeks ago (black eagles, sided with the church) and honestly i felt the game didn't really provide much for all the individual characters. this does scratch that itch. I wish the game had this amount detail. Don't get me wrong, loved the game. There just wasn't enough of it I feel. And now I feel inspired to try a different houses routes. Looking forward to more chapters as I have been reading this fanfic for 4 days straight now.
6/1/2021 c12 2ArcherOfHoshido
Great chapter as always! I think you did a great job with writing the battle scenes, and all the characters seemed pretty accurate to me, so don't worry about that stuff.
5/29/2021 c12 Zate560
Yeah maybe not the best at choreographing battles but like you said, everyone was on point this chapter. And for what it's worth I thought the fight between Bernadetta and the swordsman was intense, and it reminding Bernadetta of her Father really elevated it altogether. The somber aftermath also was good drama as well as good crumbs for their strengthening relationship. Can't wait to see how the two can work through this.
3/20/2021 c11 Zate560
Great Job once again Sent! You did a good job portraying Byleth feeling like he has to help Bernadetta, as well as his initial difficulty with expressing himself. It makes sense that the latter would help Bernie warm up to him because it's a commonality for them. Other than that I think Ashe was well done too. I always felt that he would make great friends with Bernadetta with how upbeat and non judgmental he is and it shows here.
3/13/2021 c11 GeneralTimber
You gotta stop with these cliffhangers, my heart can't take it! Another great chapter, really looking forward to seeing things Bernie's and Byleths dynamics from the start!
1/8/2021 c1 13ShadowBlade4444
Oop, a Byleth x Bernadetta story? How did this get under my radar. Don't mind if I do~
1/2/2021 c10 Zate560
Certainly a long one here but still enjoyable all throughout. I would say that there might be spots where we get too much exposited of the characters inner thoughts through narration that could be kept as subtext or told through dialogue. That would help cut back on the length and improve the flow of the chapter I feel.

As for plot specific aspects, I enjoyed how Mimi was used in this chapter. You could tell she was trying her best to help Bernadetta in what little she could. There's some distance there because Bernadetta is her boss and antisocial, but she also has a sort of motherly dynamic with her. All I'd ask is some consistency to her voice, it becomes hard to tell what her character is about when she fulfils so many roles for Bernie as a surrogate mother, a servant, and uppity friend. Maybe if she talked more about herself. Also getting more bonding moments, like the ones she and Sara mention, would've added more emotion for that proclomation of friendship she gave. That scene btw was pretty well done. It reminded me of the times Bernadetta would rationalize her not wanting to socialize in her supports with Caspar and Ferdinand, but this time I felt more weight to this because she's lost so much and will only lose more without correction and she just accepts that. And despite Mimis best efforts, she realizes she just can't reach to Bernadetta. It's a very relatable and harrowing moment on both sides.

Speaking of, Esmeralda continues to be too real for me. That scene of her fighting with Bernadetta just hit all the 20 something anxieties when it comes to living off your parents. Being told you're doing nothing with your life and just living off their gratuity hurts, especially when it's true. And it is true for Bernadetta who's living a fantasy where she can just seclude herself in comfort indefinitely and forget about her past and the present.

So yeah, well done again Sent. Looking forward to seeing Bernadetta solo those bandits next chapter .
12/21/2020 c10 3Quasi11
What a great chapter! I love how you’ve handled Bernie’s isolation during the five year timeskip. Whether or not she realizes it she’s grown a lot, and I can’t wait to see how she’ll interact with Byleth and the rest of the cast once they reunite
12/19/2020 c10 Anon
That last line gave me the biggest smile. That’s how you pull off a continuity nod.
11/19/2020 c9 Zate560
Once again I really enjoyed this chapter. You made the most with the premise given absolutely. You did a good job giving each of the opposing teams and teamates believable dynamics and tactics they would employ. It's always a treat reading how people write Claude as a schemer and him sniping people from rooftops feels very appropriate and sort of a mirror to Byleth and Bernadettas strategy.

Outside of that it was just a very cozy chapter all around, especially near the end when the contest ended and everyone could relax and chat over a nice warm hot chocolate. Got me in the mood for some whole hiding under my covers for sure. If it was snowing here too that would've been just lovely.

Well done again Sentinel.
11/12/2020 c9 Guest
I missed this story
11/9/2020 c9 9Starfighter364
Re-read the whole thing so that I could make sure I didn't miss anything, and it's a good thing I did. I never got around to reading the last two chapters up until now, but I didn't remember the Ashen Wolves being involved in the earlier chapters.

You got everyone in character by what I could see, except for maybe Edelgard, as I'm not sure she would do as you had her do when she informed Bernadetta about how the war was going, along with her classmates rebelling. This is the woman who is so stubborn that she refuses to even consider that she might not be 100 percent right, and is willing to commit war crimes, so I think she likely would have done something to force her into service or lock her away if she felt Bernadetta might have gone against her.

Bernadetta is so precious, I swear, whenever I hear about how her father treated her, I want to punch him in the face repeatedly, and I'm not to fond of Hubert either, in fact, he is quite possibly my least favorite character you can control.

Overall, I enjoy this story very much, and I'm looking forward to seeing where things go from here.
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