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7/9 c24 likeshappyending
Actually, Rosalie is the real mechanic of the Cullen family.
7/9 c18 Likeshappyending
Interesting, how you write from Lena's perception that Billy Black hates vampires. What do you think he feels about Jacob imprinting on Reneesme?
7/7 c7 Likeshappyending
Whether/weather, week/weak, stake/steak. Your story is good and interesting enough that I am still reading BUT you need to take care of the homonyms. Pulls me right out of the story when I read a word not in context with rest of the sentence or paragraph.
6/26 c23 Catalina22
This is such I good story. I literally gasped at the end and I can't wait to find out how it ends. Thanks so much for writing it!
6/10 c22 6Fangirl44
So far so good
Update soon
6/3 c21 Guest
This story is awesome and clearly under appreciated! Looking forward to the next update! Can’t wait to see Rosalie’s reaction.
5/22 c20 KiraFanny
¿que es lo que le dolio? no entedi esa parte
5/2 c18 KiraFanny
sera que los cullen regresaran a forcks? me impresiono la forma en que embry habla de rose, digo habla con respeto y admiracion... resulta que el ya la acepto como suegra por lo visto... aunque claro cada impronta de un semi vampiro a terminado con una madre vampiresa enojada xD
4/26 c17 KiraFanny
Al final si se dara cuenta q ve a rose como su madre... seria genial, va a ser prima de ness
4/14 c1 LightRefractionReader
Its the first chapter and I already love it! It has the quirkiness of a fanfic, and I love the story already. I’m on a fan fiction craze right now, and once I binge the rest of the story, I will be coming back for more.
4/1 c15 MalTheDragonQueen
LENA WHYYYY! poor girl i adore her so much! she needed her little snap really and as Carlisle said, many of their family has snapped. I do get the mental shut down at the Rosalie thing for sure that would be weird to find out that that was how someone thought of you after you havent known them very long! looool love your story as always
3/1 c13 Guest
thank you for the update / looking forward to future updates
2/25 c12 Guest
thank you for the update / looking forward to future updates
2/17 c12 jessa76
Rose take a chill pill or you might lose everything
2/16 c6 MalTheDragonQueen
In regards to Lena's Age once more, as welll as Renesmee's current one VSwhen Edward said that Lena would stop aging at her sisxteenth birthday... in Alice's vision at the end of Breaking Dawn it had taken place somewehre around seven or so years later when Renesmee had been fully aged to the point she'd stop growing so wouldn't Lena have aged for the first tops seven years of her life an then stopped? again I sent a PM haven't gotten a reply on that yet so just quesitoning with the informaiton I do have at my disposal.

That in mind also, Renesmee, as well as that one half vampire guy Alice brought to meet the Volturi to prove that Renesmee's birth wasn't a One Off and wouldn't ruin their liveS: That guy and his aunt stated that he remembered ripping himself free of his mother and literally as a fresh little baby, crawling through a forest to find his aunt: He remembered his mother even though he had killed her with his birth. How is it that Lena has none of these memories: cause even Renesmee remembered seeing Bella directly affter her own birth a while after when she'd aged more.
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