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12m c47 ZarcEternal
Nice little breather chapter. I see our royal Bounty hunter has connections to one of Azraels goons, because of his hatred and all about the assassination of his family I believe Speckles is out of the mix here. So either Ace or crazy science girl. Regarding Azrael... that guy really thinks he has an honor code. He made confetti out of Akira and Numera only to "motivate" Raguel and Playmaker, he killed a man to create MALF, killed other soldiers to free the criminals/now his underlings, that man has a honor code?! Dont get me wrong I love him, but I find his honor kinda lacking in many ways.
Cannot wait to see the next chapter
6h c28 HunterHQ
Think it’s possible Azrael used data from Gradius as data designing Malf too? No doubt he must have found it in their servers when he invaded their base. Likely he erased all their data and research too so they’d be heavily delayed when they have to recall everything by memory.

Maybe Gradius Can be used as an unintentional prototype for Pandor I estimate later on.
7h c45 HunterHQ
Just realised, in episode 51 when Akira tells Go the secret of Playmaker's strength perhaps it took place right after the first meeting here with Onizuka and his guys. I think you forgot to put that in here...not sure if it may be necessary though but just to let you know.
7h c47 Guest
Seeing Flame, Herald and Ai have an intractable cyberse monster think Aqua would have one too? Does Wraith or Earth have one as well? Or Lightning and Windy? Unless you count the fake linkuriboh, which I can assume maybe Ai found and revived as Linguriboh, and leaves the original with Yusaku, unless you want to think he took Linkuriboh back with him and reprogrammed him?

Is it possible for Yukage to update Malf with Bohman’s schematics? If not now then maybe when he stabilises?

Reading replies imagine if making own customised ignis and event they fixed the AI chip and it went public then they put their own ignis in their heads for super evolved generation of cyborg people making it like Sergey even. And of course idea of using said tech for war purposes and the highest bidders too all for profit, all the better that Sol was purged of corruption at the end of Vrains.

Think when the Hanoi are revealed to be back with Baira’s breakout maybe Akira can hold another meeting for the hunters to add more bounties too.
(Which I feel Drachen will sabotage any attempts they may try against the Hanoi)

Hope to see Malf use his skill in a master duel yeah. Only ones we see use skills in master duels are Windy, Bohman and Queen.
8h c47 Unknown
Kinda hoped to have seen Windy interacting with Azrael, Malf and Wraith too in their scene. Wonder how you’ll explain Windy getting corrupted by Lightning and when.

Regarding Akairo Gekido, does his family have as much influence as the Matsuo family Roxy comes from? Rival families perhaps?

Fact Akira revealed he himself is in contact with Raguel, even with a letter, makes me wonder if Drachen or Shepherd may try to use Akira as a setup for Raguel and the others in the future or maybe catch him in the act of working behind the scenes against Sol and blackmail him or something.

Since Akira knows Akairo outside of Vrains think he can have Gekiryushi or Aoi send a warning to Yuhiro as a heads up that he is the bounty hunter Drachen and he's at the same school as him?

Also Rather curious why they didn’t try to go after Saburo/Speckles after their first encounter with him? Maybe they tried but found his whereabouts empty? Or maybe they should report him to Sol and FBI authorities at least? Imagine when the Hanoi realise he was the one who helped Kitamura break into their base last time and fact he is active meaning he can do it again, help Ace and Athaliah get in also unless they update their security.

Seeing Brion have animosity towards Athaliah, he shares something with Numera, maybe she can convince him to focus on Athaliah instead, get him to work with the FBI and her which would hopefully take some load off the ignis holders.
8h c47 Unnamed
Now that Ai has learnt about cyberse world destroyed by judgement arrows from Flame think he may share said info to Wraith thus making him turn on Lightning?

Was Demeter the nurse since she’s looking into Myiu? Can she or Percival do what Watchman did before? (If Demeter is looking into Miyu she may find the light ignis algorithm in her virus, thus establishing the connection Lightning is in cahoots with Azrael and by extension Malf, Speckles, Ace and Athaliah). Hopefully they can take some of the bounty hunter load off Yuhiro and co.

Interested in Watchman’s reactions when he sees the ignis are at war too, and how Lightning is the cause of their sufferings too. When he says prepare for what to come, the Crisis, how can he be sure it will be soon? Can’t be worse than what they’ve faced so far like the Hanoi or what Azrael and Lightning have planned right?

Yuhiro writing letters sure gets me thinking sometimes the old ways are best, even if old fashioned or inconvenient sometimes the simplest is best. Like with Baira’s prison cell, if she was kept in a simple lock and key with the guards maybe it’d be harder for the Hanoi to get her out.

Think Herald could grow more unstable as ignis begin to perish one by one, as Yuhiro loses his close ones?

Regarding Takeru his old fire warrior deck I think he later gives it to his girlfriend Kiku (Which can maybe include ignoble knights and fire warriors, maybe can have Ferocious Flame Swordsman as the Link monster). Think Aoi may give her Trickstar deck to Miyu when she wakes up or give the Marincess deck to her?

(Technically the Ferris wheel wasn’t in an amusement park)

Will Progleo become Rasterliger soon and when it happens will it be permanent?

Also hope they look up on VIII more in the days to come.
9h c47 2Zeromk7
This chapter was nice and chill. It build up Hype and i cant wait to see the duels. Cant wait for the next !
10h c47 Guest
Have to say I enjoyed seeing lots of the dub dialogue being used, many of them meme worthy, though I will say good luck trying to record Windy’s dub lines….calling him a motor mouth would be an understatement.

Thew Wild pokemon reference is that pokemon go? It’s Not the only one given turboblaze dragon for Yuhiro and no doubt Teravolt for Yukage, maybe besides Pokemon Black and White there can be more with version differences between Yuhiro and Yukage.

Somehow seeing the girls gathered together with Akira at the park almost gives me Gotham City Sirens or Birds of Prey vibes. Or think up any other girls teams there are too. Would be funny to see the dynamics.

Regarding Jin’s consciousness data think it’s possible for this type of data to be copied and pasted making it like a clone or something? A while later Bohman’s false memories about a fake backup and all, imagine if that actually happened where each of the Lost Incident victims had copies of them made. Same goes for in VIII or Apotheosis if similar experiments were conducted.
10h c47 Anonymous
Can imagine Roxy and Yuhiro showing some animosity to Akira for what he put them through with the hunters but hope they don’t show it to Aoi or Ema or those with Akira. Not sure if Yuhiro will learn Drachen is Hanoi’s spy later on, but perhaps when he does he can feel some animosity to Revolver and the Hanoi too, because in a way they stopped him from getting to Azrael sooner. Also he should realise Malf killed the Overseer and thus Azrael is connected with the escaped enemies Ace, Athaliah and Speckles.

When Watchman sent Percival to cyberse world wonder if it was after Ai and Wraith left, and hope he finds useful info or something of value. I take it they haven’t told him about Wraith and Flame yet or about seeing if he can help cure Miyu?

No attribute for Herald and wraith? Why not they have pieces of all 6?

In the DM virtual world arc there can be some elements you can incorporate there like example the idea of switching bodies or deck master abilities being similar to skills, some of them can even be more than once a duel. Many skills in duel links too.

And in the world tournament arc Ziegfried showed effective hacking methods like with the duel robot or removing the card limiters, as well as a deadly virus hidden in the Golden castle field spell. There was even a moment in GX when Jaden and Aster went to the virtual world too in Kaiba land to duel Sarina who was able to split herself in 2, that can be unique to see and applicable in Vrains. 5Ds had a moment of hacking when they were trying to infiltrate the Security Centre.
11h c47 Noobmaster
That moment when Yuhiro left Herald all alone at the Cafe I don’t think it was too smart, still he did make quite a quick recovery. Interesting how he gave the freedom program to Linkuriboh (I see this concept in Overdrive I think) but think he can make one for an ignis so they can leave the disk and venture out into the world without needing any hardware? Fact he could eat human food, strange, think he or Ai could then attack and devour people in the real world then since they could hack locks like what they did at Baira’s apartment?

Also Takeru has multiple Balelynx so how will they tell this one apart from the others? Am interested what Progleo’s history is with her along with Linkuriboh.

If I’m not mistaken the whole expedition to the wind world from episode 50-59 (Including the hanoi breaking out Baira in the night) take place in a single day, along with a small scene from episode 60 with Kusanagi installing a new room for Takeru to use and Akira discussing with Ema and Aoi in the evening too. Bit surprised Aoi didn’t suggest them speaking to Yuhiro or following up with Rachel regarding the ignis’ motives during their first gathering here but maybe it can be later.

Was looking back in Chapter 29 from Monty’s message and plea to Yuhiro before the Tower mission, Since Azrael said he’d have Monty’s head and Yuhiro’s guess next time they meet he can say he’s come to collect Yuhiro’s head since he didn’t get Ai? He did Say he was willing to pay back 8 times the usual amount for it had he succeeded too. (But as they say want something done right do it yourself.) Then maybe Yuhiro could feel guilty he inadvertently lead to Monty’s death, sure he was a crook but he didn’t deserve that death.

Am curious though what kind of scuffle Monty had with the leaders in Osaka and maybe it involved Azrael too? Wonder how Yukage moved quickly between states of Japan or was it link ability again. Also Ace wasn’t present then at Osaka?

That note I have no doubt Azrael has access to that much money with him in control of the Black Market, wonder if he may use it to sway the Sol hunters to his side, not sure if any of them other than Blood Shepherd is doing it for the actual money. Or maybe for Black Market bounty hunters too.

Looking back and remembering Azrael saying he uses anyone to accomplish his goals, Yuhiro can see he will be just using Ace and the others and while he can try to get them to see Azrael is playing them whether they believe him or not, Azrael infected them each and his palm’s on the trigger. Much like suicide squad vibe, wonder if he watched that movie and got the idea from there.
11h c47 Ambiguous
Aww kinda hoped to see more pendulum from Slipstream early in the story as Yuhiro, Stregone and Yukage are using pendulum.

Brion tensing up at Athaliah sure hints something, maybe he knows what she did or someone close to him suffered, or perhaps she was affiliated with the terrorists?

Also Drachen being at the same school as Yuhiro, talk about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Think he may try to actually befriend them and get close with them and then his cover getting blown? (When they get Aqua if he’s still around she can see his real identity then). For some reason seeing Akairo going to school and Ryoken not, gets me thinking maybe he was homeschooled by the other Hanoi lieutenants, not surprising given his father was a criminal and he and the others are too.

Hope to see some actual success from the other hunters maybe Azrael will use his human minions as scapegoats against them.

Also Gekiryushi speaking about the Beta Branches got me thinking about love hotels or hostess clubs like you see in anime. She said she doesn’t kill? Didn’t she sliced off heads last time at Gamma branch? (Hope we see the other branches featured soon) Maybe in like a meanwhile scene as everyone goes to the Wind World, Gekiryushi is doing her own thing.

Got some card ideas for the future-maybe there being cyberse monsters that can be fusion substitutes and fusion summon on their too, or tuner substitutes for synchro monsters. Was thinking like how junk warrior is tuner specific with junk synchron or cyberse clock dragon needing clock wyvern, maybe make a tuner monster that is listed as material for a synchro and a fusion monster? Also you know how Zarc did an integration summon maybe can make something like that for a cyberse in the future.
11h c47 5HunterHQ
Poor Yuhiro, he can’t get a well deserved break can he? What did he ever do to deserve this? If he had explained what happened to Roxy maybe it could have lessened things a bit but I guess it would look like he’s making excuses in that situation. His nightmare sure were something scary, reminds me of a scene from Hidden memories after Morningstar lost to Zahhak, and another how he threatened to erase Herald’s game history if he told his caretaker he took a girl on a ferris wheel ride, like that Yasu scene with Cypher too on cancelling his CrunchyRoll. He didn’t warn Rachel about Athaliah being active?

With Miyu in a coma, I somehow think maybe Azrael can like use it as a bargaining chip to get Yuhiro to hand over World gears if he needs it? Also think Yuhiro may anticipate Azrael knows his real identity since he specifically targeted Miyu for him? Also hinted by Malf too. I can see Azrael blackmailing or threatening Yuhiro knowing his identity and same for him doing that to the hanoi also, even if he has honour the fact is he’s already contradicted himself by involving innocents, Bohman too is contradicting to an extent as well.

Didn’t think Yuhiro’s link trigger could be used to heal his own wounds, thought it would be mainly for destroying, exactly what is its purpose because now it’s kinda lacking a little consistency. Think he can use to try and help Miyu? Would like to see the result.

An idea What if Azrael uses Speckles to get rid of Kitamura, that’d be ironic given their past history. To eliminate a loose end or to use Kitamura as bait to lure the other bounty hunters into a trap. Thinking about it since Speckles is a target, maybe one option is the hunters finding Kitamura who may hopefully trace to Speckles. That can give closure on Kitamura too.

To be honest was thinking 2 duel ideas in the future could be Azrael vs Watchman and Azrael vs Infearno, since Raguel lost to both opponents before once would like to see how he fares against the duelists Yuhiro couldn’t beat, to show the difference in power between them.

Think the nurse in Miyu’s room will play a role later on given her name was stated? Maybe old associate of Baira who was also a doctor? Think Jin is in the same hospital as Miyu now?

You know looking back on Vrains you can't help but notice all the complicated family issues several of the characters have.


-Takeru having lost his parents wheel he was in the Lost Incident.

-Aoi and Akira, being step siblings then orphaned when their parents died.

-Ema and Dojun, being half siblings and their father died, and Kengo's mother being crippled.

-Shoichi and Jin, one of them having been involved in the Lost Incident which scarred him

-Ryoken, without a mother and his father being a cyber criminal's crimes passed onto him.

-Go and Specter having grown up as orphans without family

Then to your story's-

-Tsubaki with a single dad who initially neglected her thus forcing her to leave.

-Miyu with killed parents

-Rachel abandoned by her parents to a monster of a caretaker

-Miles' mom shot in a gang fight and his dad arrested

-Emon Uchida with his slaughtered family

-Dancho with dead son and lost livelihood (Not sure for Gekiryushi's family but she did see Dancho as a father)

-Brion having lost his family to terrorists

-Finally with Yuhiro having lost his parents too
12h c47 E.T. 2000
although there were no duels in this chapter it was good.

I was surprised that Roxy slapped Yuhiro, but at least she apologized to Yuhiro in the same episode.

It is strange that Yuhiro and Herald did not tell the others Malf uses a cyberse deck of course I am only referring to Yusaku, Takeru, Ai, Flame and Rachel. Anyway, the meeting they had was not bad, I am glad that Rachel Be more open about revealing your past to other people.

As for the meeting in Sol Technologies, the way brion reacted when seeing the photo of Athaliah, it would not be a surprise that Brion had a history with Athaliah , it could that a relative of Brion was kidnapped by Athaliah.

Anyway, to finish, I personally think it was little rushed for it to be revealed that Yukage was Yuhiro's childhood friend
6/12 c46 3yuman28
You did great this was the best you wrote since the last raguel and inferno fight. And I must say, I love MALF, he is incredible as a character and his ability is not the best but he is one of the most entertaining to observe. Watchmen speaking in terms of personality, not Duielist power.
in other news Yuhiro learns summon ritual
Will Cyreath Castor be his only ritual or will he incorporate more of them? or will he only have one monster for each extra deck invocation method other than link?
6/10 c46 28Donjusticia
Whelp, I've finally caught up. I have just one thing to say.


That is all. Raguel, please annihilate Wraith and Azrael in the most systematic way possible.
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