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1/20 c19 5Combine117
Dunno if that was Pyrrha 'cheating' or it was actually just a faulty missile.

Either way, this was fun, I wonder if we get to see what the Lunatics are up to with Team CRDL :v
1/19 c19 3PhoenixGuy
1/19 c19 NeoConVAL
Nice chapter, I’m interested in how training with CRDL went now.
12/30/2020 c18 PaladinSans
...This chapter was nice and all but why the hell did they let set out of his cell, give him sharp implements and surround him with unarmed humans? That seems like a disaster waiting to happen. He may be a nice alien but I doubt humans would believe that. Aside from that minor nitpick, MOAR PLS
12/21/2020 c17 6ZombieSlayers
That was a beautiful chapter.
12/20/2020 c17 VinniTheP00h
26h: "Tanks leading the way / Leading the way". Literally was listening to it when read it.
30. "Süra gara amusiyee ikhana..."
31. *Remembers JSDF Apaches. Shudders*
35b. Awww. But I wanna... Deus... Vult...
37. Cadia? Camp McCarran? Brest?
38c. Too lazy. Will continue over here. Sir. - Lt. Thomas
44a. But what if they hit the targets in actual rhythm?
12/18/2020 c17 2Cosmicsafe74
this was Great and funny
26 to 26h I see my military friends doing that.
27 For the LOVE of all thing HOLY don't give them this 100 million died on Earth and from what I heard Rwby only have a pop of half a billion at most, plus this will attract Grimm like flies to shit
31 to 31b made me laugh I could see them doing that to boost sales
36a made me laugh,
38 I was thinking they could at least do some hammer slammer books or the Bolo series as well Cybertank series
46 if that stuff gets out to Remnant you can make a LOT of money.
47e now you need MACmicMACface
48 ah, the smell of that would be awful!
48d next thing you know they will try to make grav weapons like 40k XD
49 Ah yes the DELETE round.
50 and 50b That reminds me of a video a saw where some guys use that stuff to go fishing

All in all, this is what I see, Military units get bored and they will do stuff that will work really well or REALLY bad.
Great chapter. can't wait for more and I LOVE how this chapter made me laugh :)
12/18/2020 c17 5Combine117
26. Kek, the enemy will be dumbstruck with fear as they hear our music!

29. LMAO, people just can't give up can they XD

31. This Grizzly is sponsored by RAID: Grimm Legends

32. Ooo, I'd like to see that


41. OH NO THAT'S SO MEAN, WHY SPECIFICALLY THE SCP MYTHOS NOOOOO (I'd actually be curious what the SCP mythos would be like in the Halo Universe)

42. Thank god the ship didn't explode.

47a. Wow, okay. Gotta do us like that.

48. Oh dear, that doesn't sound good.

50. *Sweats in using TNT for Minecraft fishing, also planning to use HE fireworks for fishing too*

50g. Nuuuuu the craboos D:

50h. What the fuck aksacakcasksk XDDDDD
12/18/2020 c17 SpudyPotato
Fuckin love these!
12/17/2020 c17 Strike Wyvern
pfffffffffffftt I love this, specially that little Happy Potter Mini-Story being told in this, can't wait for more of this XD
12/17/2020 c17 NeoConVAL
dude this was amazing, can’t stop smiling (I have an ideado not test atlesian Desktop PC’s to test “if it runs crysis”, the last replacement was expensive enough and I don’t want to cause another fire)
12/17/2020 c17 PaladinSans
I fkn love this, MOAR! Also, how much do you wanna bet at least one UNSC soldier is gonna send links on the CCTS saying they are recruiting links and they get rickrolled when they open it.
11/21/2020 c1 Itsmedfrltp
11/19/2020 c16 PaladinSans
We need to know what the clam was like, and also, are they going to keep or sell the pearl?
11/19/2020 c16 Combine117
Awww, that little Ben and Curie interaction was so cute!

It really do be like that, Fairfire.

Noice Mags, you got him good.

Poor Meadows, but damn I wish we could see more of the wildlife and animals in RWBY.
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