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11h c29 Guest
""Jorge?" Ilia asked. "Why are you wearing that armor? And why don't you sound like Liam Neeson?"
"He's not actually my voice actor." Jorge explained. "This is all a dream Ilia, you need to wake up." "

*Sanctuary guardian starts playing*

12h c29 SpaceCommander-09
I just knew that the title was a reference
15h c29 5The Real BONK'er
A surprise to be sure (given your announcement of a hiatus), but a welcome one :)
5/20 c28 Rookie80
I'm okay with waiting since every chapter you put up is very well written. I understand that life can get in the way, and that's always going to take priority.

I would love to see Ben training the rest of team JNPR, and maybe even RWBY as well later on. Give them a taste of what it's like to fight against a Spartan.
5/20 c4 2CT-555527705117
This gave me a good chuckle
5/19 c28 VodMesa
You know Sahara 312 he would just stare just going to say of course he's doing his own thing in the main universe be working in the shadows for Oni
5/19 c28 Cooldude101011
Why would Jaune want to reforge his sword? Sharpening it makes sense. Also technically Jaune’s sword just happens to have the same name as the other one Curie mentioned.
3/12 c27 SpoopyTheScout
Man, I love these little side stories. I kinda like the earlier chapters of Unusual Paperwork, where they somehow end up crossed over with other rwby crossover stories. Though, I wonder if we'll ever get a side story chapter where the Spirit Of Fire gets involved with Remnant too, or is that gonna be part of the main "cannon?"
3/10 c27 PaladinSans
Why does meadows know what salty cow shit tastes like?
1/31 c22 Cooldude
Technically Erika and Panzerlied should be fine as both have no reference to the Nazis in the lyrics. Erika is about someone (probably a soldier) singing about his love and Panzerlied is about tanks
11/14/2021 c20 6ZombieSlayers
This is a great chapter to read after falling behind lol.
11/7/2021 c26 Cooldude101011
Is this canon?
11/7/2021 c26 7Lord of Moons
Necromancy. Thats pretty dark, she literally desecrated and defiled their corpse's to turn them into weapons, not even leaving their minds untouched.

When I saw the Hound I didn't quite think of it that way, but the way you wrote that scene brought forth a visceral reaction. I'm impressed...

That said, Salem is being a little bit brazen here. She complains about how much effort acquiring their corpses and creating them took, then immediately sends them up against the most deadly and dangerous forces she knows of with no support or preparation. She doesn't even ask Watts to give them equipment. It would make a lot more sense to test them against huntsman first and use them in a larger conflict against the UNSC as part of a trap instead of sending them alone, where they might get surrounded or cut off.

That said, I'm curious how Set would react to them. Afterall, they literally look like Flood combat forms, there's no way he's gonna be quiet if he hears about this.

Also... Did we just see Bens Semblance in action? Wait a minute... Voices?
10/25/2021 c25 Lord of Moons
Very interesting chapter.

Its almost as of Remnant and Earth have an unknown link. After all, both speak English. So there must be something connecting them. Love the Jeckle and Hyde referance btw. I didn't expect that Remnants space program was so advanced either.
10/21/2021 c25 Rookie80
That was a great chapter! It's cool seeing Ben and Curie exploring through parts of Remnant.
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