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8/12/2020 c11 5Xcom-anders
Appreciate the heads-up. Mull it over as much as you need to, we aren't afraid to wait.
8/12/2020 c11 2TheEmeraldMage
At least you are taking a step back and thinking about it. Was worried when I saw that it was a notice. Catch you for the next real chapter!
7/27/2020 c10 91erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
7/1/2020 c10 5Xcom-anders
I take it these Three Storms characters you've introduced are more OCs? They don't strike me as familiar and I'm not surprised there are some salty Kei factional remnants. Also an interesting attempt at fleshing out the MacDougal's backstory. Doesn't much surprise me that they wouldn't be blood brothers, but at least it seems to bother them none. Always glad to see a new chapter!
7/1/2020 c10 2TheEmeraldMage
I do like how you do try to give a reasonable explanation for why certain characters and certain factions have names because most of the time people they just give characters names or stuff like that because it sounds cool. You at least with factions give a legitimate good reason although we live in a world where I don't think anyone cares what the words mean. Not to say you explaining the words isn't a bad thing and their Meaning as well because it is a good thing. As for the chapter it is nice to see raja again and the fact that he is so resourceful immediately makes him a very good character. Even if gene may or may not have some competition. What really surprised me was the start of this chapter as you actually went in depth a little bit with Harry's back story and the fact that 1 of the Harry's wants our harry to let malfina go and actually move on is a pretty deep character development Moment for him. Granted at this point hes gonna stubbornly try to kill both of them especially considering what happened in the last chapter but this was a nice look into his mind and see what that small little thing in his brain wants him to do instead of pursuing to kill 2 people 1 of which was a woman he loved. It's interesting. We seem to have a little bit of some answers finally explained to us but still have some questions over all which is in theme with outlaw star as a whole. Although thank God this isn't like the show where we've had some filler episodes in between the important plot points and the filler takes a very very long time to get out of until we do finally get back to the main story. That was something I noticed when I watched the series again and realized that there was a lot of filler in between some really good story beats. Still a fantastic series no question about that. Regardless this was a very good chapter it was again nice to see raja again nice to see Harry with some more character development and was also good that even Suzuka was giving Gene a talk in that long story short while malfina is his girlfriend she does have her importance with everybody else. Still once again very good chapter. As for your decision on uploading what you have so far for your gundam wing cross ange crossover... OK now we have a little bit of a problem here. On the one hand you are currently working on your outlaw star fan fic meaning you could potentially work on 1 story for like several months and then take until about another year for you to work on the next 1 so there's that. But on the other hand considering what's been happening to me for the past couple of weeks and days which range rom been playing SD gundam G generation cross rays on my switch and I just finished the gundam wing stuff and I'm on the G unit stuff for gundam wing, Just got through discussing with some friends of mine over the weekend on the fact that cross Ange was in not one but TWO super robot taisen games along with the stupidity of why they didn't put in Outlaw Star in T's roster but instead Cowboy Bebop of all things AND thanks to you, I started looking up Hilda pictures... And God dam it she's hot, I would say go for it just for the fact that it's been bugging me for the past couple weeks and I've been in a gundam mood for the past couple of weeks. I would say just going ahead and post what you have so far because I would really love to see at least a little bit on what you've been thinking of and you'll know if it's not good as of now. And with that I say stay healthy and safe out there!
6/25/2020 c9 91erica.phoenix16
I like this story. Keep it up! :)
6/14/2020 c9 Guest DCDGojira
To author
I like the art covers for your Cross Ange, did you do it?
6/2/2020 c9 42Rassilon001
Okay so I held off a review from the last chapter because it ended on a cliffhanger, and so glad I did. Tenrei is definitely the fun planet in the series. So, we start off good, Melfina, Aisha and Suzuka in swimsuits. Jericho eh, but also good. And a re-visit of those familiar Wizards from their destroyed temple. Still up to their usual lecherous ways. And of course, the hilarious image of Harry MacDougal getting mistaken for a pretty girl on a swimsuit resort planet. Hilarious. Oh, and double hilarious that little Jim is still getting the most female attention. He is really going to break hearts when he's older.

An interesting interpretation of both the magic of the universe, the mana of Tenrei, and the casters. A much needed upgrade to Genes caster, both eliminating the need to constantly be going under budget rummaging for shells in odd places and keeping it limited by threatening Genes life if he over-fires too frequently. I wonder if that ties in at all with this shadowy group and their looking for Enlightenment, and the Galactic Leyline, and everything.

And another natural, peaceful, quiet little moment between Suzuka and Jericho. Despite Aishas teasings, it felt very organic, very natural, and very sincere. They are bound by circumstance and similar backstory, and take comfort in knowing one another in a way few of their crewmates truly do.

Also, I really, really, REALLY like this look into Urts past, the idea that she too held someone close, and was in many ways the Suzuka of another story in the distant past, who lost her friends. And I also liked Aisha's dancer partner, for all his brief appearance. I do hope we see more of this veteran-turned-mercenary, he sounds like he could be fun, a shadow counterpart to Aisha, who still has her C'tarl pride.

Six out of five stars. Keep it up.
5/31/2020 c9 2TheEmeraldMage
Soild fights and outcomes for each. Everyone gave it their all, even if Jericho thought that he could have done a lot better. Make sense for him to feel that way, although I am concerned about his thought on why his opponent was able to counter his attacks. But the good news is Gene got his upgraded Castor but the bad news is now Harry is on super murder mode and most likely he will kill Mel. Speaking of, Mel did a great job with protecting Gene though there is still a lot of secrets we still don't know. Good chapter and as always stay healthy and safe!
5/30/2020 c9 5Xcom-anders
Is Urt's last line supposed to be some Retro Hero reference? If so, you are ambitious/insane for attempting that. One again, you gave everyone something to do, and for that I thank you. Also, how many more Akasha cronies do you have lined up?
5/8/2020 c8 Xcom-anders
Well, this is a fun little diversion. If I had to guess, I suspect Urt is about to set up a way in which Gene and Mel's bond can be utilized to power the Caster, at the expense of their joint-energy. The first test of the new system will, of course, be Harry. Also, I wonder if the disappearing Mana issue is going to come up more in the future.
5/8/2020 c8 2TheEmeraldMage
Aww we got a cute Mel wanting to fight with Gene moment and we learn more about Suzu's past. Plus that almost kiss between her and Jericho was so perfect but of course they got stopped. At least this time the two are starting to realize that they have somethings in common so the pain is not bad. Speaking of cute things, I hope you will do something about Aisha and Jim's relationship because the way she was protecting Jim was adorable as hell and it is great to see that he is somewhat warming up to Jericho a bit. The trip back to the resort planet was fun and now Gene will get an upgraded castor gun...only for Harry to be on his and Mel's tail which is not good. On the bright side, Harry being confused as a girl was priceless so overall, great chapter!
4/23/2020 c7 42Rassilon001
This story is certainly shaping up well. It took me a bit to browse through such a long chapter but it was very fruitful. In particular, reading up on some more of Jericho's past, and having interesting, amusing ties with some of the locals at Blue Heaven. Granny is hilarious, and I'm glad she and her shop weren't too badly damaged in the crossfires. Also hoping Gillium gets to keep his new suit/battle armor. He could become a full character in his own right, that might be interesting. Lots of new threads and plotlines being started here that should come to fruition later. Keep up the very excellent work.

Still can't wait to Hot Springs Planet Tenrei.
4/22/2020 c7 5Xcom-anders
So, more or less, Jim Hawking found a suit of power armor... IN A SHOP OF SCRAPS!
I suppose it made sense to re-implement some familiar faces for the side-quest. Just some starter antagonists to keep the crew fresh and test some new roles regarding Jim and Mel, I guess.
Not to mention some nice world-building with Jericho again regarding his trainer. Anyone can just add a new name, the trick is to find a way to give it weight.
And thank you very much for the shout out.
4/21/2020 c7 2TheEmeraldMage
Nice to see you back and a pretty interesting idea to have Jim and Mel learn how to better defend themselves. Since they are against people who will do anything in their power to get Mel and the fact that everyone did got ambushed in this chapter, it makes sense for them to learn now rather then later. Speaking of, before everything went bad, everyone was enjoying themselves, we got Suzuka and Jericho at a ramen shop and Gene and Mel went back to where it all began. Including the eat shit line lol , takes me back to the first time I heard that line in the uncut dub since I have been used to the Toonami version. Really cool that Jim made a power armor with Gilliam inside and overall, the chapter was soild apart from you put Rio's name by accident and some other things. Great job and stay safe!
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