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5/21/2021 c17 24ilovecartoonsgirl
Actually get in the car and drive! But man, this was intense! Was honestly so relieved to see that they got out alive and that the ghosts of the other guests managed to save them. Good chapter!
5/6/2021 c16 1darkpaladin89
Oh, if only Tōya had a friend like that...
4/21/2021 c16 24ilovecartoonsgirl
I love this concept, and I'm glad that not only Touya and Izuku friends, but they are also vigilantes. I wonder what happened to Izuku's mother though I wonder?
4/21/2021 c16 6niyuu
you always do such a wonderful job with your writing. i may not get many notifications from you, but ive been a follower for years and a lot of your work has inspired my dedication to my own. you're very good at painting a mental picture and cutting to the heart of the emotions of the characters. if my writing is anywhere near as good as yours ill be very pleased. hopefully we both find the motivation we need to write as much as we like
2/26/2021 c15 1darkpaladin89
... It's raining.
2/26/2021 c15 4Blossomflower52
Oh my, this was horrible, I love it! Please keep on writing if you can, it brings joy to other, which in at least my case is needed. Thank you! Thank you so much! You're one of the reasons that makes staying bearable. Much love to you in these trying times! Hope you have a nice day/night/whatever it is over there!
2/26/2021 c1 Mel
honestly this one hurts almost as much as ch 15
2/26/2021 c15 Mel
2/25/2021 c15 24ilovecartoonsgirl
Ouch...ow ow...Poor Aizawa. Nine's gonna get it. Great, heartbreaking chapter
2/7/2021 c14 4A Queen Among Women
Holy Hell! The Seeing chapters need to be their own story! Half of these should if I’m honest.
11/27/2020 c6 Guest
I wish I could read the part about them being saved. This could totally be fleshed out into a longer story if you wanted it to be.
10/29/2020 c14 Little Listener
Oof. Hits me in the feels. Every single one of these. They are really good!
10/10/2020 c14 24ilovecartoonsgirl
Poor least he can help his kids now. Good chapter!
10/10/2020 c14 anonymouslyme
Dang, this is awesome!
10/9/2020 c14 6niyuu
You’re such a good writer, you really draw me into these fics and even the short ones hit hard
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