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10/10 c14 18ilovecartoonsgirl
Poor Shouta...at least he can help his kids now. Good chapter!
10/10 c14 anonymouslyme
Dang, this is awesome!
10/9 c14 6niyuu
You’re such a good writer, you really draw me into these fics and even the short ones hit hard
8/7 c13 niyuu
Yassssss do your best Dabi, save the Trouble Magnet
8/6 c13 1darkpaladin89
Why is this not so hard to picture?
8/6 c13 7seireidoragon
This was an awesome chapter!
8/6 c13 22Altiria-Aty
omfg! this is adorable! Dabi- my heart- I didn't expect to- im dead!
8/5 c13 18ilovecartoonsgirl
huh, go Dabi! I wonder if he could ever get Shouto and the others back...great emotional chapter!
7/12 c12 1darkpaladin89
...Oh no. Don't break the Muffle, Aizawa.
7/3 c12 7seireidoragon
This is a great continuation. I hope you plan on finishing this story line soon!
7/2 c12 18ilovecartoonsgirl
Well...crap. Really great to hear from you again, but dang that ending...that's kinda intense. Great job!
7/2 c12 Softballsl Girl
I really love this story idea and would love to see an actual story from you.
7/2 c12 6niyuu
Yesssssss i love this premise! So glad for a continuation :)
7/2 c12 4Im The Person
I really like this one. It’s unique and interesting.
4/22 c11 7seireidoragon
This chapter was absolutely amazing and a perfect follow up to Stab Wound.
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