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for A Ghost and a Spectre

8/7 c23 Freakyskidude
Great story, really enjoying it. I noticed a bit of an issue in this chapter. Canadian forces in WW2 didn't really participate in the British SAS, instead they had their own airbourne and for special forces were the SSB or special services batallion better known as the devils beragade. a joint operation between American and Canadian forces.
8/7 c23 Blaze1992
So many cute and funny moments in here.

I wonder if someone would make a fic where the ME races travel around with a human seeing all of the f**ked up s**t that lives on earth. 10 to 1 they run away horrified within 2 CH's.
8/7 c23 Anirocks
i still dont believe shepherd dont trust the ghosts. heck wrex is a bounty warrior and liara is daughter of benezia(though we all know she is innocent). even in me2 she trust zaeed a former gangbanger turned professional merceneary, krios a full-time assasin,kasumi a thief,jack a psychotic(but lovable) biotic. if shepherd can trust them why cant she trust the ghost. unlike them they are definitely on alliance side and thus with shepherd(though we all know they will side with shepherd defying the alliance when time comes due to her being the main character of this universe). also compartmentalization is a standard process in assasin and spy group. given that shepherd is a n7 which is predecessor of ghosts before the mess that is contact war her view on compartmentalization is very surprising. also nice to see it is kai leng who is the butcher of torfan not shep. though i prefer shep to be the butcher bcoz game like to portray shep is a some of prophet/saint. the butcher thing is what humanized her in the games(for me anyway). without it she is nothing but a glorious messiah. also love the fact ash is getting rid of her xenophobia and the fact that they properly enjoy(not the wild ones in the games)
p.s.:- is there a possiblity of ryders(mc of mass effect-andromeda)playing a major role in this fic.
8/7 c23 N7 Shinobi
nice to have wholesome bonding and the hints against the asari and salarians. Loved the chapter and the world around Lee, keep it up.
8/1 c22 SeregaKR
This chapter has several misconceptions about Chechnya that I'd like to point out. Soviet union did not occupy Chechnya as it was part of Russian empire territory for a long time before Soviet union even came into existence.
For some time it was popular to paint Chechnya wars as a freedom fight but that is not completely accurate. The wars with Chechnya were not just wars for the control of the territorythey were done also to stop another ISIS from appearing. A lot of people died to prevent it. The last thing I'd like to point out is that Chechnya always had a form of autonomy and now in 2020 its people are in fact only judged on the republic's territory. Police do nothing to even detain them outside Checnya.
7/31 c22 Blaze1992
Wait till Wrex find's out the smaller animals on earth are usually the most deadly.
7/31 c22 24MagicalGeek
I wonder if there is a Ghost Facility at the near by army base
7/28 c1 Desudiem
im just reviewing because ghost recon future soldier rocks.
7/24 c21 Blaze1992
Wait Jane has no problem saving a new AI and putting it in her ship but apparently has a problem with him curing the viral problems Quarians have?
7/14 c20 9wpago
Great job. May have to type of a submission now for a logistics officer. Even SF need supplies lol.
7/11 c20 Blaze1992
No bad jane no backstaps from you for no reason.
7/11 c19 Blaze1992
Hey just wait till there's a mountain or low gravity involved then you will really feel the terror of shepard's driving.
7/11 c9 Guest
this terrorist crap is way too much in my opinion ... sure i can understand terrorists going "i hate aliens kill them all" ... but in 2180 seeing someone go "everyone who isn't islam must die" ... yeah i don't think so ... by that time religion will almost certainly be very private and very few people will talk about it with any seriousnes in public ...
7/10 c20 N7 Shinobi
like the moral dilemma of the cast, whether they can trust. I love this direction of the mass effect universe, hoping to see conflict on the Normandy. great chapter cant wait for another.
7/10 c20 A Ghost
People usually don't like looking at both sides of the coin, as everyone doesn't want to look at the opposite of the same coin, as in the end, we all have another side of the same coin.
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