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6/29 c18 Guest
Nice to see SI with derailed story. I don't agree his way of thinking of the MC-too American-but that makes the charm of the story (- some cringe). Nice try at including usually censored topics like religion and rape; again makes the story unique, plus it fits in the space terrorist theme.
Teamwork is definitely appreciated! Thanks for not showing off how awesome/omnipotent the MC is-not that the MC isn't kind of OP. Other players/travelers save the story from being the usual long money and fame grind.
Also I expect some setbacks; there has to be setback! You can't have the MC not seriously fucking up at least CIA spooky level. I can't trust you for having the MC suffer on Omega and not showing him being trashed that much. I want some DRAMA and drama happens when the MC is bitchslapped by the story while the author record his and his friend's sorry pained arses without invoking a Deus ex machina so they recover in the next chapter.
6/23 c6 Guest
Gunporn and constant rapes

Is there a theme i dont know about?
6/22 c3 Guest
6/22 c1 Guest
This is just gunporn with extra steps
6/9 c18 Blaze1992
Wait so the space navy doesn't have anything like depth charges anymore just guns and torpedo's?
6/7 c18 2DD-Returns101
Again same thing as before. Try and put a POV thing at the begining of switching characters. I know it's BS and a lil time consuming but it'll help with ur general readers. The only reason u don't have more favs and follows is that exact reason. Otherwise great chapter and I look forward to more. I love reading this man. It's great and extremely well done!
6/7 c18 N7 Shinobi
Ah, that was a good read. Wasn't expecting a long chapter but enjoyed reading my way through. The phone call pretty funny, hoping to see some family bonding if he visits earth. Can't wait for the next chapter.
5/27 c17 Blaze1992
Okay finally got to the latest CH.

1st I really like how your including "modern" things into this verse, but confused on something. From what was shown the original gear/weapons your OC's had were made by what seems to be a average ME 3-D printer.

Then later on there's the add-on of the "spirit of fire" and non-ME planned fusion reactors.
So my question is this why hasn't more weapon/tech/gear from other verses been shown in here yet?

Such a example being the Jackal fighter from COD: Infinite warfare or AMP suits from the avatar movie?

2nd I am kinda worried how more mentions of non-con events seem to be happening here, I hope your not planning for one of the crew/MC's to suffer that fate in fully typed out detail.

3rd Why hasn't Mech's been more utilized in here if again your fine with non-ME tech?
Wouldn't mech's like DeeBee's from GOW been useful in backing up the ghosts when s**t hits the fan?

4th SO since plot and lore has been pretty much crashed and burned at this point, is there any chance of seeing aliens not native to ME in here?

Maybe even sequel based on being a crossover where after dealing with the baddies of ME, that a couple years later let's say the CIS of Star wars ends up finding the ME systems?

All in all good so far with some worry spots but seems like it will be a great ride.
5/27 c13 Blaze1992
No I knew the moment you mentioned the chance of thousands of people being travelers that one or more was gonna be a a**-hole.
5/27 c11 Blaze1992
Majority of reapers are dead not all but a far majority.

Maybe even a chance of ME2 where instead of collectors, it's Javik's people trying to regain their "rightful" place as rulers.

Then there's the chance of ME3 being a massive intergalactic civil war not only between CC races but also within them too.
5/27 c8 Blaze1992
Well that's bad but not really surprising.
5/27 c6 Blaze1992
Not so much a different verse but more to the point that something that was fantasy is now reality and of course some events not seen are going to pop up.

Your in a whole new universe before the main "plot" is set to start, so of course things that didn't happen/exist in the "canon" are gonna pop up here and there.

Then there's the butterfy effect of not only your ghost squad but the numerous other's you hinted at in here.
5/27 c3 Blaze1992
Wait if there's that many of us, doesn't that mean there is more than a chance of "bad ones"? Those who believe TIM's "dream" or those believing the CC are not stupid, hell some might even joined Saren just to see the verse burn?

Or are you telling me out of the thousands summoned to ME that all of them are noble in heart? That there is not one a**-hole among them!?
5/27 c1 Blaze1992
How does he not know what a female turian looks like?
Did he never play ME3 citadel party DLC nor the later ME: andromeda game?

Female turians are "bald" on top of their head aka no spikey back end.
5/20 c17 DD-Returns101
The story is awesome and I like the way it's going. Very nicely done.

The only thing I would change is how you switch perspectives. It's hard to follow from one point of view to the next at times because we don't know who's talking. Try and clear that up, otherwise great job.
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