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8/30 c12 Guest
Are Cassies problems at work and the dead bodies related?
Damn the person/s who are doing these horrible things to her.. she didn't lost her glasse they were stolen.
8/28 c12 HEHC4evr
I am very pleased to see the update. The crime story was brought into focus again. Cassie is certainly difficult work; Horatio has the tolerance of a saint. I admit her issues are getting annoying because she doesn’t seem to help herself, but Is content to stay virtually dependent on others. If this was you intent for her character, then you succeeded brilliantly.
I’m still loving the story
8/28 c12 ajay1960
this was a really great chapter, i feel so bad for Cassie, she deserves some peace and happiness, but is always suffering. Something is definately going on at work, definately a very cruel situation!
8/27 c12 anitra.mason1
Nice chapter can't wait for another update
8/10 c11 ajay1960
I was so glad to see your update, i so love this story!
8/9 c11 HEHC4evr
I missed this story. Glad to read the update; it was up to its usual high standards. Must admit, I enjoyed the conversation between Horatio and Natalia; it was humorous when discussing colors. Thank you for the update, I was missing the story
8/9 c11 anitra.mason1
Hopefully they can catch a break in their case
6/7 c10 Guest
Okay, I've got to ask because nobody did it already. How long into the future do you plan to torment Cassie with the eye problems? She's only an OC, but she's a very important one. How should your version of Stetler work like until this moment and for the future after all that you have written about their background if you let a perso, who is important to your version of Rick, hurt so much?! Her insecurity will nobody help in the future. Let it be a small wonder at write something like meating an eye specialist. Please, at least think about it. Thank you.
5/28 c10 HEHC4evr
A long day indeed! You successfully made the chapter feel like the day was lasting a very long time. Horatio always had a way with children and he demonstrated that ability in this chapter. Glad Natalia is going to be ok.
5/28 c10 anitra.mason1
Amazing chapter cant wait for another update
5/28 c10 ajay1960
This was a really great chapter! I love the case solving mystery, combined with the relationships, as well. Always look forward to seeing another chapter from you!
5/1 c9 HEHC4evr
Love the dialogue between Horatio and Rick. You make it very realistic. Good action at the end of the chapter; I hope everyone survives,but it would fit with Ricks tragic life that he would lose Natalia. I look forward to the continuation

I also felt Eric was coddled in the show. He seemed to want Horatio only for himself. I was not a Marisol fan; she was too childish.
4/30 c9 HappyDay
I get your thoughts about Rick being the villian. For most people it's hard to see it the same way. I had these problems. But it's the false of the show. They could have put a different character in such a position, being the “bad“ guy that the viewer only saw a few times and mostly with a not realy nice behavior. And always the little 'fights' with the other characters didn't help. Problem later: the viewer has these moments in the back of the mind. That and the change to a nicer version of Rick, wich came to late, makes it so hard to see and understand the new Rick.

But you catched him very good with your wruiting style. I like it how you show his nervousnes...what a douch the senator is... does he had something to hide?... and the 'brothely connection' (maybe not the right words) between Rick & H is refreshing
4/27 c9 anitra.mason1
Amazing chapter can't wait for another update
4/20 c8 HappyDay
I like your version of Stetler a lot better, too. And thanks to you, I had a laugh yesterday. In the evening, there was a re-run on tv. It was one of the later episodes, the one where they arrest Rick for being the bad guy. And just a few seconds/minutes beore the show ends the viewer can see the full front...with all this "glory" tie...wich remindet me of your story. Small world.

Mind if I ask if you could start to let be Eric and Kyle less like a douch/dumb ... not in one day. Take baby steps. It's strange to read that they behave like bull headed baies.
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