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for The Last Saiyan

12/21/2021 c25 DeathSite13
Will you post again? It a great story!
11/30/2021 c25 Gear master
She’s pregnant isn’t she
11/30/2021 c25 Gear master
I’m getting some early boo Saga tournament vibes right now
11/27/2021 c21 Gear master
I think they make Cocoville more powerful than he should be
11/27/2021 c21 Gear master
I think they downplay Lord Lucifer is true strength but I’ll let it slide because it’s a really funny story
11/26/2021 c14 Gear master
Holy fuck it’s a super Saiyan
11/25/2021 c13 Gear master
His current outlook to me just screams” I am Vegeta the prince of all saints Trimble before me”
11/23/2021 c25 LoneWollorVlad
When is the next chapter? By the way I love the story it is making me think of other scenarios that might happen later on but I don’t know. I wish you the best of luck and I can’t wait for next chapter
11/20/2021 c9 Gear master
Actually Sona is not a leviathan her sister was given the title of leviathan
11/9/2021 c7 Guest
This is amazing bro I would love to see more
10/23/2021 c8 Gregory Abbott
If you are going to add another sayian you are going to have to have to change the name of your book. The last sayian is stating there is one sayian.
9/10/2021 c2 Absolution
Too much expo and not enough show, instead of explaining every little detail, let your characters actions show them.
9/8/2021 c1 Zetsway11
Nice story, but you need to do your research. You have Issei go and train at 90x earth gravity and he's still much too weak. To compare, when goku landed on Namek, he trained using 50x. He had 90000 PL and could use Kaio Ken 10x. That type of power is easily Planet Burting. Meanwhile, your Issei struggles with base Kaio Ken and can't bichslap a buffed Raiser. IT's pathetic.
6/30/2021 c16 Guest
Number 1. What the hell is the Kaio-ken MULTIPLY etc bullshit that’s completely wrong and pisses me off every time I read it, ITS KAIO-KEN TIMES etc. sloppy
Number 2. I love the romance you’ve been writing good work on that
You just need to work on having correct names and info about the moves and stuff that kaioken shit really annoyed me and I’m sure a lot of other readers
5/22/2021 c2 Lawrence H. Bain
Sooo... is the pairing purely Issei/Rias or is anyone else added to it... like Akeno.
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