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12/28/2020 c1 21Tuttle4077
Oh my goodness. There are so many wonderful lines in this one. In particular I liked the line "one deft tailor who had measured up so well." But that's just one of many I enjoyed. As always, your mastery over this medium is impressive. This is what fanfic is for- the opportunity to expose emotions and actions that were hidden in the episode.

Good job.
12/4/2020 c1 18tallsunshine12
Oh, this is so good! I don't know how I missed it earlier, loving your HH poetry like I do. There are many spot-on phrases, but I like this the best: Raw emotions swiftly hidden, A sarcastic, light reply. That sounds so much like Newkirk.

I'm contemplating doing a Hogan's Heroes story, but I have to work out the plot still. It involves a 'messy' camp, which Klink hates. I wonder if you'd like my Rat Patrol story. I just posted it. It's got a great Englishman in it, Sgt. Jack Moffitt. He's my favorite in the show. I'm doing a sequel to it, too.

I don't know Sherlock Holmes' show, but I'd like to start it just so I can read your poetry. Thanks, again, for reading my stuff. Appreciated. Denise.
4/19/2020 c2 71snooky-9093
Seeing this from both ends of the spectrum, which worked very well to convey the tension, fear, anger and surprise. As I mentioned in my review of the first chapter, it's wonderful to see your work with serious episodes. Glad to see your still coming up with original work while handling all this stress from the virus. Stay well and safe.
4/19/2020 c2 DixieDale
I love your way of seeing, relating things from more than just the side of the Heroes! This is perfect, especially the counterpoint of North Star's thoughts, feelings with Newkirk's thoughts and feelings. It's too easy to forget there are two sides involved in a conflict, and whether you agree or don't agree with the motivations of one of the sides, those DO exist, and understanding is better than NOT. Brava!
4/18/2020 c2 18Ennui Enigma
Fascinating tale
The juxtaposition of his and her worked well. It was interesting to be privy to each's perspective of the tense situation.
Seems that ultimate capture was averted.
Thanks for sharing! Love the rhythm of your writing as always!
11/25/2019 c1 71snooky-9093
A beautiful summary of one of my favorite "serious" episodes. I can't say any more than the other reviewers. They covered it. I'm in awe of your talent and your ability to deftly and continually form a synopsis of these episodes in rhyme.
10/29/2019 c1 70dust on the wind
Very readable, rhythmically perfect (love your use of enjambement) and matched stanza by stanza to the structure of the episode. It reads aloud wonderfully, I didn't find a single beat out of place, nor a rhyme that wasn't natural and right. The rapid flow of lines helps to emphasise the critical drama of the episode.

Your portrayal of the characters - particularly Newkirk's inner turmoil, and the way he deals with the long, tense hours in the cell - is very good indeed.

You're clearly a skilled and experienced poet, and yet you make it seem quite effortless.

Very, very well done.
10/13/2019 c1 1Dextrous Fred
I hereby declare that movie plot synopses, dust jacket blurbs, and all condensed versions of great literature should be in poem form. The ground you cover with each deft line of verse is something I won't cease to admire.
10/7/2019 c1 29Abracadebra
I'm running out of superlatives for your work. This is absolutely first-rate. Some descriptions that really resonated with me were Newkirk's "instinctive acquiescence," a perfect summation of how he could turn into a mewling captive when the play demanded that role; and Hogan's "blithe composure," which is pretty much Hogan all the time. Blithe, with its implication of carelessness, is just such a perfect adjective to describe the Colonel but one I don't think I've ever seen applied to him.

As a Newkirk fan, I've always particularly liked this episode, and you added a great deal of dimension to it. Brava!
10/7/2019 c1 18Ennui Enigma
Something a little different in terms of poetic style. I enjoyed the back and forth flow of the scenes - very effective. The tension and intrigue mounted up till the end very nicely. And I love the last line... "Corporal never viewed another mission as routine." Beautifully put!
10/6/2019 c1 52Signy1
Quite nice. And lovely use of details; the unused playing cards, the lockpicks in the coat collar. And the jumps back and forth between the two perspectives are well balanced. Care to do a third take... from North Star's viewpoint? No one's a villain in their own narrative; could be very interesting.

I did always wonder about this episode; how could it have come as such a shock to the other heroes that sometimes war requires reckoning up the odds and, sometimes, cutting their losses? I mean, it's callous, and it's horrible... and sometimes it's the only choice you've got.
10/6/2019 c1 DixieDale
That was one of my favorite episodes, and you captured the emotions of both the captive and those left waiting. You never disappoint.
10/6/2019 c1 1Carla210
This is great. The shift in viewpoints is very effective.
"How to Catch a Papa Bear" is one of my favorite episodes. It's a good Newkirk story, and I'm a Newkirk fan. I love what Kinch said in the tunnel when Hogan was pretending that he wasn't going to rescue Newkirk: "Whatever the Colonel says, it's his war."

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