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for Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master

9/17 c1 Guest
Sorry, "than" a month ago.
9/16 c55 Guest
Hello. Are you doing all right? The most recent posted date for this story that I can see on the mobile website is August 14, which is more that a month ago.
9/13 c52 midnightscar17
I miss Pikachu
8/16 c55 Guest
Yeah add may to harem along with dawn and Cynthia also even though she really annoying add iris ash can help her get off her high horse and take that ebony ass.
8/16 c55 Guest
Save Norman’s marriage don’t be a dick watch the actual anime of hoean you’ll see what actually happened don’t be a dick just to be a dick you’ll ruin your story and have to start over I’m sure a lot of readers would hate for you to have to do that. Later till next chapter.
8/16 c55 Guest
Your doing good but I’d like to correct you Norman didn’t cheat he was getting nurse joy to help him Jae a firework anniversary gift so yeah you screwed that up and I can see max slapping her in the face calling his mom a liar and how she’s being stupid and yelling I hate you and runs off remember max idealizes his father and sees him as his hero keep in mind I’m the anime it’s stated Norman is one of hoens stronger gym leaders that he’s just below elite four level so I’d say low level battle frontier level so yeah maybe try to fix this cause it might cause your story to crash cause I can not see you writing max being ok with what is happening with his parents so I really hope you update with a way to fix Norman’s marriage go see the episode when ash comes back to battle him later man.
8/14 c55 Guest
like the idea of the gym battle happening before max and birch leave
8/14 c55 RKF22
8/14 c55 15NinjaFang1331
So max left. This is going to be interesting on how everything plays out now.
8/9 c2 Guest
One piece
Dragon ball
My hero academia
Fairy tail
Seven deadly sins
7/23 c54 Guest
It will be interesting to see just may and Serena traveling with ash alone even if it is temporary this be a chance for may to make a move on ash and show him that she dose have a romantic interest in ash which he notices and gives her hints and be a romantic in ways that make her blush her heart skips a beat and day dreams about herself and ash that will leave her smiling and even tease her like he would with his other girlfriends also when will leaf and Misty reunite with ash and even travel with him again like they usually would and when will some of the other girls start joining his hearm and if ash wants advice on how to comfort girls when there sad or not being there normal selves he should definitely ask his mom for advice since she knows him well enough and can give him some pointers to help him find ways to comfort may Serena and other girls that will eventually be with them in the future
7/21 c54 Red phinex
Please do more chapters
7/21 c54 RKF22
Excellent work can't wait for more
7/20 c20 midnightscar17
What about pokemon 2000
7/19 c13 midnightscar17
Sleep powder isnt supposed end the round. Someone could have sleep talk
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