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7/31 c13 Guest
I feel so sorry for her father but it's important you included the isolation because that's what toxic abuse partners do. I see c.c. developing feelings for niles so I wonder how she'll deal with someone actually treating her kindly in a relationship. I always look forward to any update from this account so thank you!
7/27 c13 KT
I can't wait to see what you are going to write next with how CC is going to change her life. I'm also happy that you added Stewart into the mix. Again, I can't wait to see where your writing will take us next.
7/9 c12 CCDeVill
Please hire me as an employee at the Graves' house, because I want to prepare a very special drink for Chandler. Hate him!
I'm very passionate about your writing and how everything was developed in such a subtle and incredible way.
The time of the story was incredible. I just loved how you made CC awaken to the reality he was in. Her story with Niles was very soft and meaningful. If you want to write more, I will be here, for sure. But if it ends here, I mean it was a wonderful ending too, full of possibilities, but with this certainty of their friendship and that they will not be alone. Congratulations on the work! This story is very valuable! Sad and distressing, but sensational, precisely because there's many so real details. Thank you infinitely for sharing!
7/6 c12 CCDeVill
EU AMEI DEMAIS A SUA HISTÓRIA! Por favor, me contrata como empregada para a casa dos Graves, porque quero preparar uma bebida especial pro Chandler! Que ódio desse cara.
Eu tô muito apaixonada na escrita e em como tudo foi desenvolvido de forma tão sutil e incrível. O tempo da história foi incrível. Eu simplesmente amei como você fez a C.C. despertar pra realidade que ela estava. A história dela com o Niles ficou muito leve e significativa. Caso pretenda escrever mais, eu estarei aqui, com certeza. Mas caso finalize, quero dizer que ficou um final maravilhoso também. Cheio de possibilidades, mas com essa certeza da amizade deles e de que não estarão sozinhos. Parabéns pelo trabalho! Essa história é muito valiosa. Triste e aflitiva, mas sensacional, justamente por ser tão real. Obrigada infinitamente por compartilhar!
6/5 c12 KT
This chapter was a lot happier for everyone. Can't wait to see how the plan turns out.
6/3 c12 alex-is-awesome
Love this chapter! Niles trying so hard to hide being angry was very true to his character.
6/2 c12 PhantomEtudes
Nice chapter here. Niles and CC's interaction felt very much genuine
6/1 c11 KT
The way you are writing the story so far is very sad, but also it's good. I hope things work out for C.C. in the end. Please update soon.
5/11 c11 Guest
C.C. Stood up for herself yay!
5/10 c11 Guest
C.C finally stood up to him! Love this story.
5/7 c10 KT
I can't wait to figure out Niles's plans next within this story. I hope you will update it soon.
5/9 c11 XxSugarMamaxX
Thank you soooo muchhh for an update! I’ve been waiting and checking for weeks hahah. Tytyty
3/29 c10 Guest
I was too happy to see an update. Thank you.
3/19 c9 Guest
I hope c.c. gains the confidence to leave. Niles has such a kind heart I hope he can show her that not all relationships are like her marriage.
3/18 c8 Guest
A million thank yous. A brilliant fic.
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