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for Blood for the Blood God

1h c44 deadgamer470
I wonder what new abilities will evolve
1h c44 Taro of the scarlet plains
ah thank god I thought u abandoned this fic
1h c44 Laplase
This was Great, though I don't really like the quirk suppressor and ankle monitor that they'll try to give him. Civil in MHA sounds great to me. I hope True Ancestor finds a way around the suppression because Aizawa is already enough of a weakness and the Hero commission can't be trusted anyway.
2h c44 Mother of Quirks
6/3 c43 Guest
This is the good stuff
5/30 c1 Eevee Fanfic
Comentario de relleno. Buen fanfic!
5/27 c43 Guest
Plz put at the end of the ch a Date for the next chapter release or a rough estimate
5/24 c43 Guest
Nice, can't wait for the next update
5/20 c42 Cyan-Snake
I skipped the whole story to this point, just to get an idea if it would be any good, and I see you leaving AfO alive for no good reason.
5/18 c43 Guest
5/16 c43 Guest
Please continue this story please
5/12 c43 AzrielG
Loving the story, a Lot!
Good pacing, character development and sorry ideas.
Just one thing though, I use a screen reader and hearing the words blood dot dot dot blood dot dot dot or dot dot dot drip dotsotdot for over a minute detracts from a brilliant story, cutting these down to three or four repetitions would definitely suffice and remove my need to thoroughly edit the text before it plays. Thankyou so much for an otherwise brilliant story.
5/10 c1 elmowafi.shadi2001
Yeah, the fic was interesting in the first chapters, but then you had to make him a fucking noob. how the fuck doesnt have some confidence in himself? shinso and stain scene are annoying because he seriously lost to those two? what next? is he going to lose to every mook? fcking hell. And why is he this annoying with such a powerful quirk? or at least i would think he would learn to fight and use every power he has to become a hero he wants. Yeah this is just a fic of unnessecary angst.
5/8 c43 Pericles of Cholargos
Hi Ryujin.

I read this on AoOO, but don't have an account there, so I'm commenting here instead. More importantly, I read it in two sittings. It's fantastic. You've created such an interesting quirk, built in such a way that it doesn't destroy the MHA universe, yet it's also different and powerful enough to fashion a truly alternate story for Izuku.

Your story structure is also effective, with the story split into coherent arcs like the anime, rather than just lurching from place to place.

If I have any criticism, it's that the last arc lasted perhaps too long, and that you sometimes paint detail into areas that perhaps don't need that much detail.
5/3 c17 3Zen-Aku The Spirit Of The Wolf
Not gonna lie the suspense quickly died in the midoriya vs todoroki fight. the build up that was presented with izuku nearly teleporting and then striking him with a one two combo was doused by the "10 second" time frame presented. 10 seconds is really really slow for all that to happen. It just makes it sound like todoroki stood there and let it happen instead of the near instant that it actually would be required since todoroki can just swing a hand make a glacier.
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