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for Blood for the Blood God

6/10 c13 Randy Hartley1
pretty cool layout. the only thing 'slightly' wrong is the single typo. for the ability he receives from Stain, you misspelled the word 'clotting' as 'clothing'.
6/4 c49 Tatsuya-san
Muy buen capitulo bro, deja ansias de más , y estoy esperando la parte en que izuku le de su amor a Mirko y Nagat
6/2 c50 1MasterZap777
5/30 c50 Oblivion196
Ooohhh how bold of her! I’m glad Katsuki got his ass handed to him too
5/30 c37 Guest
stop killing people midoriya dangit

death is too good

plus having bad PR is freakin bad in MHA

just turn them anemic dangit

he could probably even cut a deal with japan and have tartarus be his blood bank to be the next all might that wont die or grow old

have allmight, edge shot and david shield throw his weight around

izuku is a literal future investment for the future generations lol
5/29 c50 Okoh
Another banger of a chapter...looking forward to the next one
5/28 c50 TheBrokenTool
Amazing chapter, can't wait for the next one
5/27 c50 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Hopefully he tells his girls about this sooner than later.
5/25 c50 Harleking31
Lmao Ochako coping hard



For Super Earth
5/25 c50 theDireOne
I like this story, but it would be nice if the character's personalities were more in line with their canon selves. That's just a minor nit-pick though.
5/24 c50 1Lord.Lathiathen
it would be interesting to see how mei and milissa would react to the prospect of uraraka joining their poly, excited for the next chapter!
5/24 c8 The tired sythe
Quistion why is the mha verse such pussy’s when it comes to blood like to the point himikos parents psychologicly abused her to act “normal” like some wuirks make them literal animals
5/24 c50 Martin-di-Arcov
gotta admit i love the silly harem romance-y bits. really like that Uraraka is deeper in denial than any Egyptian has ever dreamed of... though congrats on the confidence to go that hard after what you believe to have been a rejection... girl's ballsy
5/24 c50 1Adro-Sama
What a nice beat down, cause a fight it wasn't, Bakugo really ask for it or better put it he demand it
5/24 c50 ivananthony.guison
I love how you write Uraraka's character here. It would've been easy to either accept her feelings, play a bit and write stick a lemon scene, or plainly reject her which erases Ochako's significance in this story. But no. She resists Izuku's Mesmerize. An odd yet intriguing quirk development. How does this affect his and her relationship with Midoriya moving forward? Great chapter as always and can't wait for the next!
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