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7/20 c36 Polyamory
The lasher scenes are actually cute..
7/2 c72 Kalaraza
Read every chapter and I loved it. I can’t wait to read where this goes. Mythene needs a good ass whooping to straighten her out. Zami deserves love, kindness, and respect. Excited for more. 3
5/10 c1 PenSnatcher
Great start, excited to read more!
1/8 c60 Helltul
Being good so far. Found this last chapter very muddled though the jumping between scenes is fine but it needs a break or sign in between the chapters they read as a solid which makes it confusing. Also seems disconnected from last chapter didn't really glow into it
12/27/2019 c55 5Zaris-Trasz
After reading Traveler: The Shining Blade, it really rekindled my interest in the druidism side of Warcraft. After finishing the story this morning, I decided to check out FanFiction, and this story caught my interest, especially with my love of Trolls. In two sittings, I've read through all fifty-five chapters out as of right now, and this has turned out to be an awesome tale that I personally can't wait to read more of!

Zami is quite an intriguing character, especially in seeing his struggle with his vendetta. That touch of the fetish at the end was quite nice and certainly fits with the life-based themes. Although I'm all for mercy, I do have to say, the spot of karma with Jumi and the table was quite satisfying to read, hah! Whilst Zalu isn't quite one of my favourites with his love of alcohol and spots of his general attitude, he certainly didn't deserve that treatment from his own parent, which makes Zami's payback all the more rewarding. And that Emerald eye - it's quite the fascinating power that I could see having its own measure of boon and curse. Seeing into the Emerald Dream whilst on Azeroth - I could see loads of potential plot ideas! Could be a really fun power to see explored!

Although I was iffy with Mythene at first - not a fan of the arrogance and racism, despite how fitting it may be for the Kaldorei at this time. That said, I quite enjoyed reading her development from the start to now. It was definitely nice to see her acknowledge her actions when she saw the way her Sentinel sister treated Zami, and it was certainly nice to see her even trying to give a sincere apology. It's even nicer still to see those lessons sticking, such as how she even tried to be polite when dealing with Syrise, even with her Thalassian origins.

And speaking of Thalassian, but in another term, I quite enjoyed seeing the lessons of language, heh. Whilst RPing on the Emerald Dream server, I once set up an RP with a friend where we went through a language exchange of our own - funnier still how my main, Zalaaji, was also a Troll! I'm afraid my friend though was a Sin'dorei rather than a Kaldorei, but even still! Seeing that scene was a total flash of déjà vu!

Anyway, my waffling aside, this has been an amazing story thus far, and I can't wait to see what happens next!
12/5/2019 c46 1Plissken The Serpent
I really dig this story! The dialogue is easily my favorite part, especially with how the brothers banter back and forth with with each other.

The quips about the innkeepers not needing to sleep or leave their stations never fail to cause a sensible chuckle.
11/20/2019 c42 Merisana
Okay I love Zami with all my heart and I don't wanna see him all alone pls :c
The story is becoming sweet and I like it very much, well done again.
Until next time
11/20/2019 c1 61Ihsan997
Interesting start. I'd like to see where this goes.
11/19/2019 c41 Guest
Two suggestions. Replace all be-verbs with just "be"(except "ain't") and put "be"(or "ain't") in places were be-verbs are supposed to be when trolls are speaking. This makes it sound more troll-like.
11/12/2019 c37 Helltul
Rezan? An interesting choice for a loa dream are you going to have zami learn cat from zen'tabra? Otherwise well done with the story so far
11/11/2019 c36 Merisana
OMG Zeni is so sweet, I imagined the lasher all the time extremely well in my head and I totally loved it!
Can't help myself, this is definitely the cutest thing, it's like his battle pet right? I love battle pets, I have sooo many of them my partner says I'm dumb.
As always, can't wait to read the next chapter :)
See ya soon!
11/10/2019 c35 Merisana
Yey, finally!
I always wait for you to update your story and it's a sweet surprise when you actually do it. Thanks!
I'm happy they came back to Moonglade and I didn't know the troll's names thing, is it canon? It's lovely and really interesting.
(Don't be afraid to take your time and add chapters when you are ready, don't worry)

Have a nice day and see ya next! :)
11/7/2019 c33 Merisana
Hello again!
This time Zami's memories broke my heart, I just love this OC and I can't wait to discover more about him. Also, I'm wondering how is his broda doing in the meantime!
Hope to read more soon, thanks for updating :D
Se ya next!
11/4/2019 c31 Merisana
Hey Ravunn,
Thanks for uploading this lovely story, I was really surprised and excited to read it from the very first lines. I'm currently playing WoW Classic and I appreciate so much all the details and the love you're clearly putting into this story.
The characters are amazing and I'm in love with the troll Brothers. You did an amazing work!
I'm Italian so I cannot write a proper review about grammar or stuff like this but hey, I'm reading it without any problems and I'm enjoying your writing a lot.
So, I just wanted to thank you for giving us the chance to read something different from the usual stuff and I can't wait to read the rest of the story!

See ya next chapter :)
11/4/2019 c30 3Mortzo
great story :D
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