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10/13/2019 c1 Guest
When I started reading this fic, I was very confused. I had very hard time figuring out who was talking and what was happening. I believe that that the latter one was intended and it was actually very good trick: reader should be wondering what is happening and what is everything all about because it makes fic’s ending so surprising.

But – and, please, don’t be mad at me for saying this – I think that ‘who is talking’ -thing needs little fixing. Even though I read this fic three times a row it just perplexed me. I don’t know if it is just me… but I think it would be clearer if there is one character and what he is saying in one paragraph.

For example “the fixed version” of conversation between Denmark, Norway and Finland at the very beginning of your fic, would go like this:

“Aw yeah - I wonder how Sweden would of felt like.” Denmark elbows Norway who’s next to him. “Aye – does Sweden know?”

Norway shakes his head. “Don’t think so.” He turns to Finland. “Finland - does Sweden know?”

Finland looks so tired, but there’s a gleam in his eyes. “Nope!” He says popping the ‘P’.”I did everything I could! I blocked the news, I distracted him, I let Sealand bug him. I even let him call me ‘wife’ so he could wonder why. So, no.”

Denmark looks giddy. “Aw yeah ~ let’s go!”


...and so on and so on. You don’t have to agree or fix a thing if you don’t want. I just write it for comparison. And if it helps.

Okay, this is what I came here to say: I'm glad I was patient and force myself to concentrate to read this all the way through, because this was The. Funniest. Sweden. Fic. I have ever read. Seriously.

I love SuFin, Finland and Sweden but usually fics about them are stagnant and very similar and kind of boring. And that’s pity!

But this was totally different. I laughed so much. So much. And this “SwedenIkea” is one of my headcanons for now on.

So, thank you for this fic. I will love it forever. (And sorry about my horrible English. It’s not my first language. As anyone can see.)

Ps. The part about Austria and Switzerland was… perfect. If I haven’t fall in love this fic before, that would have made it.

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