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6/13 c14 bal4life
What a great story! Though I do have to say I hate Natalie!
6/13 c13 bal4life
'That's enough human interaction for one day' aka something I think I say every time I log off of work. :D
6/13 c12 bal4life
Oh no-Mal's losing her support structure! Which is actually a pretty good reason for her to change from Isle Girl to Prissy Princess.
6/13 c11 bal4life
Oh no! But at least it's Dizzy's choice and no one's forcing her back to the Isle.
6/13 c10 bal4life
I love how you show that being King isn't all sunshine and rainbows but that there'd be some stress involved!
6/13 c9 bal4life
Ugh! Stupid tabolids!
6/13 c8 bal4life
smh-Chad will never change will he?
6/13 c7 bal4life
Woo! Kick her butt Persephone!
6/13 c6 bal4life
I never thought I'd say this but I'm with Cruella-where *did* Jafar get that popcorn?
6/13 c5 bal4life
I see that Avengers reference! :D

And also I love Emir and Akiho!
6/13 c4 bal4life
Oh no! Poor Alex! And Cinderella's right, pineapple does belong on pizza!
6/13 c3 bal4life
Gah! The Bal moment at the beginning of the chapter melted my heart! :D
6/13 c2 bal4life
I love the way Mal jumped in after Dizzy, the same way she did when she thought Ben needed saving! :D
6/13 c1 bal4life
Oh I love this! :D
5/12 c14 westwinglover
While it's a shame we didn't get the full 30 you were hoping to write, I am happy that you wrote it to completion! :D
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