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for Fear the Walking Maelstrom

5/7/2022 c4 Guest
Please update
8/3/2021 c4 Guest
Your favorite jinchuriki will get his full abilities EVENTUALLY (Doesnt update) OH WOW WHO COULDVE PREDICTED THIS WOULD HAPPEN LE GASP trash author
8/3/2021 c1 Guest
You idiot, whythe guck did you nerf naruto that much, i am dropping this worthless fic
8/1/2021 c4 TitanGuest912
Strange thing is, that so far Alicia has been the one annoying me the most. If she is like that in the show, then it's a good thing that I haven't watched it. I do like your story though, so win/win for me.
I will be waiting for new chapters in the future if you still want to write your story. Good luck and see you around.
4/18/2021 c4 9Inv0ke
So why is he not fighting the people that are chasing him he can just make clone after clone and kill them one by one or use the futon rashenshuriken
3/4/2021 c4 Guest
Great story should try doing the regular walking dead not a lot of good one or any in general
2/19/2021 c4 Darth krayt1
Naruto and Alicia i like what you are doing with them are they going to kiss please let them find RIOT GEAR cuz RIOT GEAR is important to have in end of wold
2/19/2021 c4 kirosyamcha
Hmm if you don’t like canon seasons you could simply do your own thing from here, no need to follow all the plot, naruto is a big game changer afterall.
2/18/2021 c1 kirosyamcha
Why didnt he use shadow clones? Those were fairly early if not one of his first techniques, but hasn’t used at all when it would be logical like at the church
1/29/2021 c4 Darklio war
Me encanta cómo has planteado el fic, espero que lo continúes, al ritmo que te venga bien, si es 2 capítulos al año así perfecto Xd
1/29/2021 c1 Darklio war
Sigue con la historia, que está muy bien
12/13/2020 c4 1WhiteWolf65
Love it
12/3/2020 c4 Ophel
I just love this story so far ! I honestly didn't know why I was looking for something with an overpowered person in a zombie world but this !? Naruto ?! loooove it x) please don't stop and update update update xp
12/3/2020 c4 God of All Eros
Really enjoying this, keep it up, please don’t drop (I lurk on here so you probably won’t see me comment again)... Are planning on crossing from Fear TWD to TWD whenever Morgan is introduced? I never got passed 2 episodes in season 3 but recently started up again cuz of this fic. But yeah, highly anticipating the next chapter, nice work.
12/1/2020 c4 GamerX568
Tsunade is not Naruto's Godparent. Jiraiya is the only known Godparent that Naruto has, so any other Godparent is theories and speculation, not official. It's likely that Kushina and Minato didn't even know Tsunade enough. Mikoto is a much more likely choice for having been Naruto's Godmother. Kushina and Minato definitely knew her, and Mikoto was most likely Kushina's best friend.
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