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for We Found Love In Many Hopeless Places

8/6/2020 c13 Guest
I love this story so much! Please update!
6/16/2020 c10 LokiIsNotDead
Ethan can sing now? I love it. And I love the music choices. I love our sweet musical boy
6/13/2020 c13 16Bennyweirlover17
this is a nice continuation chapter and you did a great job writing it too so kudos to you
6/13/2020 c13 29MBAV fan66
Awe! We got to be there when Benny video chatted with his dad on his birthday! This one was so sweet and heartwarming and sentimental, too. I'm glad that Benny's dad loved his gift and even more, loved how he got to speak and see his son for his special day, too! Which made the day even better for him! :) I did feel a little sad for Benny, though, at the end. Missing his dad being there with him already, after their video call ended. Hey! I just realized something! I know it's like a week early and all, but you posted this just in time for Father's Day! How awesome is that?! :D Lol! ;P Anyway, I bet Benny can't wait to take Ethan our for a spin in his dad's new Audi, once everything is in place and ready for him to start driving it, though. Ethan will probably be the first person he takes a ride in it with. ;) Though, if there's any monster fighting to be done, then Benny might want to leave it at home, though. Just in case. So, it won't wind up getting damaged or destroyed in the process while dealing with it. *giggle* ;P

Hey! I'm just curious, but doesn't Benny's dad know about supernatural (in your story, I mean), too, like Evelyn does? Or is he completely powerless and is just a regular human, who like everybody else in town has no clue that the supernatural even exist?
6/13/2020 c13 DoNotFlippingTouchMe
I love this chapter because I think it really shows how close benny is with his dad
6/4/2020 c12 DoNotFlippingTouchMe
6/4/2020 c12 Guest
I love how much depth you’ve given the characters! Benny’s anxiety, Ethan’s sassiness... AMAZING. Also random fun fact: you know the old lady in It: Chapter 2? She’s freaking EVELYN WEIR! She said it was her first nude role and she was 85! An icon!
5/31/2020 c12 16Bennyweirlover17
I love this chapter and everything about it it’s so cute and adorable
5/31/2020 c12 29MBAV fan66
Awe! Spending the day together at the mall. That's so cute! It was like they were secretly on a date but at the same time on a mission to get Benny's birthday gift for his dad, as a cover. *giggle* ;P Not gonna lie. I could relate to Ethan with a few things in this chapter. Lol! Like being woken up before a certain time in the morning, when all you wanna do is sleep until that set time arrives. And hating having to take pictures because of how awkward he feels taking them. I think there might've been another thing that I could related to Ethan with in this chapter but I've seen to of forgotten it at the moment, though. :/ Whoops! Lol! :P

I wonder what's up with Jane wanting to give Benny the evil/suspicious eye thing when he came in and then left? She's probably onto him dating her brother and is probably playing the overprotective sibling card on him, too. Even though she's the younger one between the two of them. *giggle* :P

I loved everything about this chapter! All the fluff and cuteness that happened in it! Along with their silly debate over which burger place has the best tasting burgers! Oh! And I really enjoyed the part with Benny flirting with Ethan while he ate his breakfast sandwich, too! Like how he kept comparing Ethan to cute baby pandas or when he called him his koala bear. Totes cute! *starts swooning dreamily* I so can't wait to see what adorkable and lovable fluffiness you come up with next for our boys! :D
5/18/2020 c11 LokiIsNotDead
I have nothing but love for this whole story 3
5/18/2020 c11 DoNotFlippingTouchMe
I’m so happy with this chapter and with the jealous Benny concept. Also I love Alyssa’s character already
4/29/2020 c11 Guest
I always get so exited when you post! I love how you’ve given everyone so much depth. Most stories just make Ethan and Benny weak nerds that have like no friends but you’ve been able to give them a life outside of each other. Also Ethan is such a MOOD at the bringing (I, too, am a theatre freak).
4/28/2020 c11 MBAV fan66
Now they both have friends that the other can't stand very well when they're being a bit too chummy with their boyfriend. Lol! I guess, Benny now knows how Ethan felt. Huh? Lol! Only difference is, Alyssa was actually crushing on Ethan. Whereas, with Char she was just being friendly with Benny but in Ethan's mind it was all blown out of proportion and she never had feelings for Benny to begin with. At least, now there's at least one other person who knows about their secret romance, though! Though, I don't think Benny be going to Alyssa for any dating advice, though. Lol! Thankfully, she's so forgiving after all those spiteful names Benny had called her after bursting through the door when he thought she was trying to make a move on his boyfriend in private and deflower him. Lol! I'm sure after that, most girls would hold a grudge on him for such names. Lol! Kinda like how Sarah's been holding a grudge against him after their last failed chemistry lab attempt that resulted with her winding up with blue eyebrows! Lol!

But I do love it when one of our boys gets a bit jealous when they think someone else is moving in on their territory, though! It makes for some great laughs! Lol! I'd have to say, Benny jealousy is A LOT more worse than Ethan's. Lol! At least, Ethan was able to keep his cool most of the time and never actually called Char any of the ugly names he came up for her in his mind, to her face, though. Whereas, with Benny you could visibly see the internal struggle he's having in trying to keep himself calm and collected at the thought of Alyssa. Not to mention, he actually called some of the ugly names he's mentally came up for her, to her face without a second thought or care from his lost battle with jealous and anger. Lol!

I really enjoyed this one! Great job!
4/28/2020 c11 16Bennyweirlover17
I know that jealousy is a bad thing and all but man I love it when Benny is feeling like that especially since I feel like it would be true to his character anyway another job well done since I love this chapter even more then the last one and I can’t wait for the next one keep up the good work
4/28/2020 c11 2SilentC0rpse
Ahhhh! I’m so happy to read this update! Jealous Benny is so cute :) I love the way this chapter turned out! Can’t wait to read more!
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