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10/29/2019 c22 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, I was hoping the first True and the rainbow kingdom fanfic would filled with adventures and battle, like True turning into a werewolf at night when she ate some strawberries due to her allergy that True and her friends don't know about yet
10/29/2019 c21 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, how long until the 74th chapter of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic is ready
10/28/2019 c21 Darth Nominatis
hey Laquane, it's taking a while for chapter 74 of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic to be ready, what's the hold up
10/28/2019 c21 Cameron McIntyre
What if you made a story where Wend darling gets strep throat
10/28/2019 c21 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, how long until chapter 74 of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic is ready
10/28/2019 c21 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, did you read my review idea for chapter 74 of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic, it's in the reviews of the fanfic
10/27/2019 c20 Darth Nominatis
Here, I'll retype it, on chapter 73 the second key to bikini bottom, we see Jake and Huntress's spirit float down in the sea until they hit the ground and turned around to see three strange houses, the house in the middle looks like a tiki head, the house on the right is a pineapple and the house on the left is a rock with an antenna, when Jake turned to Huntress he saw her charging at him and ducked from the attack dropping his sword in the process, he was about to pick it up until he got hit by one of Huntress's spells and when he thought he was done for a snail jumped onto Huntress with her saying (Huntress's spirit [this snail is bigger than skully it can fill someone up]) but just then the snail yelped and attacked Huntress making her panic and then when she grabbed the snail and threw it at Jake only to catch it she got a call from Mechrilla saying (Mechrilla [is this thing on, to the villains that got teleported to the areas with the heroes, you don't have much time there, once you see blue sparkles on your body, your time is up]) just then blue sparkles started to glow on Huntress making her say (Huntress's spirit [what!? NOOOOO!]) Huntress then disappeared with Jake putting the snail on the ground and then picking up his sword and putting it away saying (Captain Jake [thanks for the help, who might you be?] ? [meow] Captain Jake [Gary, nice to meet you, my name is Jake]) just then Jake felt something in his hat and when he pulled it out he held the same piece of paper Eddy found [there are four of them so all four can know where to go] when Jake held the paper out and saw what is In it he said (Captain Jake [so this town is called bikini bottom?] Gary [meow] Captain Jake [and there's a key in this town] ? [the ocean key]) Jake then turned around to see a star fish walking up to the two with Jake saying (Captain Jake [who are you?] ? [my name is Patrick, and the key you're after is the ocean key, there are four keys in four different locations, the first one is the robot key and it's in a city called silicon city, the second one is the ocean key and it's in bikini bottom that's where we are, the third key is the rainbow key and it's in the rainbow kingdom, the final key is in a unknown location that whoever goes to that place never made out alive] Captain Jake [he's kidding, right?] Gary [meow] Patrick [I know where the first key is, come on, I'll show you]) with Patrick pulling Jake by the arm we see a giant telescope from a building called the chum bucket spying on the two and then we see a tiny sea creature with one eye walking up to a big phone [since he's small everything is huge] and pushed the numbers and went to the phone hearing someone from the other side of the phone saying (? [hello?] ?2 [Krabs, Patrick is bringing a kid with pirate clothes to the krusty krab and the kid is now after the ocean key Spongebob has] mr. Krabs [it's a good thing you have agreed to keep an eye out for anyone that has the paper of the four keys, Plankton, I'll tell the boys] Plankton [I'm going to use my robot incase the kid gets past you, over and out]) when Plankton hung up he went to his lab and climbed into a giant robot and pressed a few buttons activating it, we then see Jake and Patrick reaching the location of the second key with Patrick saying (Patrick [here we are, the krusty krab, this is where Spongebob works, which reminds me, I have to get a krabby patty]) when they entered the krusty krab Jake saw a squid wearing a brown shirt and a hat, when the two walked up to the squid Patrick said (Patrick [afternoon Squidward, I like one krabby patty with cheese] Squidward [anything for your friend?] Patrick [he's actually here for a certain key Spongebob has] Squidward [mr. Krabs, a kid is here for a key from Spongebob]) just then a crab came out wearing blue pants and a light blue shirt walking over to Squidward saying (mr. Krabs [who might it be... AHHHHH! Squidward, your supposed to tell me when you see the kid] Captain Jake [wait, you guys are trying to stop me from getting the key?] Squidward [he is, I'm not] mr. Krabs [come here kid] Patrick [duck!]) When the two ducked Mr. Krabs crashed into some tables and then he came out of the rubble saying (mr. Krabs [why you little]) with Mr. Krabs charging at Jake the two start to fight with Patrick jumping into Squidward's boat and watched the two fight until they were on the planks above the dining area and when mr. Krabs was about to charge at Jake he got tripped when Jake pushed his foot forward at mr. Krabs's legs making him fall and crashed through the floor with Squidward walking over to the hole with mr. Krabs saying (mr. Krabs [I'm okay] Squidward [hey Spongebob, you might want to come out here]) just then a sponge came out of the kitchen wearing brown pants, white shirt, red tie, black shoes, white socks with blue hair going around and the same hat Squidward wears, he went up to Squidward saying (? [need anything?] Squidward [the kid up there is after the key you have so you might want to run] Spongebob [permission to run while screaming] mr. Krabs [permission granted]) Spongebob then ran out of the krusty krab screaming with Jake following until he saw a giant robot that looks like Plankton [except the hands and feet] with Spongebob no longer screaming in a fighting stance using his spatula for a weapon with Plankton saying (Plankton [alright kid, this is your final warning, leave or get crushed!] Captain Jake [I'm not leaving until I get that key] Spongebob [you heard him, he's not leaving without the key, you know what to do] Plankton [okay, Jake was it, it's time you face the might of Spongebob and the Plank-bot]) Jake then started to fight the two until he got the Plank-bot in a bad position with Plankton saying (Plankton [this ia not good]) Jake and Spongebob saw the Plank-bot falling down and Spongebob climbed up until he got to the roof of the chum bucket with Jake following him and when they got to the roof Spongebob said (Spongebob [it's time to finish this]) he then pulled out the ocean key and it started to glow making Jake cover his eyes and when the glow went away he uncovered his eyes only to see Spongebob wearing armor all over his body with his spatula bigger than before saying (Spongebob/super armor [let's see how you'll fare against this]) just then a patty hit Spongebob on the face with Jake turning around to see Squidward holding a weapon that shoots patties running to Jake's side with Spongebob saying (Spongebob/super armor [what are you doing, Squidward?] Squidward [I'm done with this whole key thing over and over again, it's time to stop this madness] Captain Jake [stop this right now] Spongebob/super armor [if you want this to stop, you have to beat me]) Jake and Squidward started to battle Spongebob and they were able to defeat Spongebob and then they saw a bright glow and when it was over they saw Spongebob back to his normal form falling to the ground until Jake caught him in his arms and let Spongebob back on his feet saying (Spongebob [you were able to defeat me] Squidward [he even saved you when you started to fall] Spongebob [well Jake, you won fair and square, here is the ocean key]) when Jake got a hold of the key blue sparkles started to glow on Jake saying (Captain Jake [looks like it's time for me to go, if you ever want to meet me and my friends, we live in a place called Neverland] Spongebob [the second star to the right, we'll meet again soon] Captain Jake [hope so, because we could use all the help we can get to save the worlds]) with Jake teleporting away ends the chapter, another chapter ready
10/27/2019 c20 Ars
So wait... he only truly 'loves' her because she might give him children? That's uh shitty. I know this is a story but all the "I love you" the two spew out to each other honestly seem forced and shallow. Really sad tbh
10/27/2019 c20 Cameron McIntyre
What if you made a story where Wendy gets strep throat
10/27/2019 c20 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, didn't you read my review idea for the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic on the reviews of the fanfic
10/26/2019 c20 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, did you read the review idea for chapter 73 on the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic, the review is in the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic reviews
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