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for Heroic Sword of the Black Cat

7/18 c7 176Firehedgehog
6/29 c7 Shadowuser0112
Rip this story, the other sword isekai was good to, I wonder why people haven't used this story more, it's pretty good.
6/22 c7 The Joining
It's so terrible that those toxic bullies got to you. Because of them, a couple of your great works will most likely never be read again, let alone continue. Oh, Sword Hero: Takt vs Shirou, Shirou vs Glass, Jian... poor Jian; never to be heard again.

I'm so sorry that this has happened to you, though I doubt myself whether that can give any form of comfort or relief. But again, I am sorry, for we as a fandom have failed you.

I want to comment on this story, to give you slight inspiration, but I'm not sure if that's entirely appropriate at the moment.

I'll just copy and paste my comment from the Shield Hero rec thread on SB.

"If, hypothetically, anyone was going into Fran's party, I would prefer that Alta and Fohl were in it. The potential interaction between a Black Tiger Beastkin and two White Tiger Demihumans could be interesting.

Plus, imagine how powerful they could become if they somehow learn Awakening from Fran. The Black and White Heavenly Tigers certainly has a ring to it.

I'd also like to see Sadeena as well, not only to be another one-sided mother-figure for Fran like Amanda tried to be, but also because I'd like to see if Fran could potentially learn Beast Transformation.

It honestly raises the question of whether Fran would be subjected to the World's Demihumans nature, and as she gain Exp she grows older, much to the horror, panic, distress and sadness of Shishou.

Of course, the argument could very easily be made that it doesn't work because she's technically a different species, but you never know."

Hope things get better for you soon. Take care.

-The Joining.
5/26 c7 SirRussell
It was great. Hope to keep on reading more. Thanks fro ask the hard work. I thinks that is funny as well.
5/23 c7 ice cream of the gods
Is Motoyasu gonna be cool for once!? Heck yeah!
5/19 c7 3Ghost Angel14
Welp, this was too short. Didn't even know the manga had fanfiction, didn't think it was popular enough.

Anyways, pretty sure I've been spoiled for what was probably some later chapters in the manga. Oh well, its all good, I'll still follow.
5/13 c7 25Kira007Goddess of Chaos
Best girl!
4/30 c7 2Ash0011
this is almost better than A Sword Named Archer

it's great!
4/26 c7 Guest
Don't see many of these stories. I really like Sword Reincarnation but it's not as popular as I wish it to be in the fanfiction communities.
4/13 c7 Guest
Please make more! You’re the best at making fanfiction stories like this!
4/11 c7 xbox432
Good chapter, it's nice to see Fran and Shishou getting some of the basic information they almost skipped out on. I mean, I get that Fran wouldn't care, but you'd think that Shishou would be a little bit more aware of how powerful information is. As well as why it's a terrible idea to skip the tutorial your first time through! :D
4/11 c6 xbox432
Aww, it's chapters like this that I enjoy about the other heroes. Yes, Motoyasu is an idiot and a womanizer, but he isn't a bad person. Things like this just show that off better than how he is usually portrayed.
4/11 c4 xbox432
To be honest, I wouldn't call that Noble keeping slaves chained up in his basement stupid. Evil yes, but not stupid. You're thinking about this as a rational and GOOD person would. To understand the reasoning you'd have to twist your thoughts into a rather dark shape... Meh. While I'm eagerly waiting to see what Fran would do to that particular noble, I'm a bit sad that it lessens the chance of Naofumi meeting Raphtalia.

Ah well, at least Fran left him a consolation prize in the form of thousands of monster eggs. He shall have an army of loli bird girls and boys, and monsters shall tremble in fear!

And I do find myself curious as to how the king would spin Fran not showing up that morning for the silver? Say that she attacked the guards in the night before fleeing, or say something about how there was a tragic incident of assassins breaking into her room and kidnapping her?
4/3 c4 3Firefang099
I mean, considering Fran's past, I would also expect her to kill the slave trader, but still holy sht! You killed one of the more important characters!
3/11 c7 24EMIYA KURO
Dude... U must continue this.. I'll pay for it!
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