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for Forgotten Remnants

7/8 c27 Dabbin
NOOOOOO, IT CANT END LIKE THIS! I really enjoyed the fic tho, hope you're doing well author!
7/7 c27 BloodBorneFool
7/3 c27 Kamizuma24
another dead story
6/3 c27 iSee21
Its really is “forgotten” remnants
4/23 c27 ErwinvonBeckendorf
Great story hope you come back
4/20 c27 Isaasol2
Oh what a waste. Read through twenty one chapters and the fanfic isn't even finished.
3/22 c27 looniest of toonies
I have really loved this story i cant wait for the next chapter no matter how long that is
3/11 c8 Onetimejester
That purple mister thing is so stupid
3/1 c27 DrackoXylnthian
I just finished reading the story and I'm just going to say that... I loved it, friend. and as you mentioned several times in the notes that you were busy, it is understandable I just hope that you don't leave it abandoned and that you update it in the future
3/1 c10 3Taranodongirl1
Hey, I heard about this thing going on where Fanfic authors are deleting their stories because people have been downloading and selling them as books. Please do not delete this story! It’s really good and I love reading fanfics and I love saving them for text to speech apps like Speechify.
2/4 c27 2Wom1
Just wanted to put out that I really enjoyed this fic, hope life is treating you a bit better nowadays.
1/16 c12 Suyarisss
The last few chapters felt so rushed. A bunch of details skipped. Like a lot. I expected Ruby talking about she finally knows his identity back at the docks to her teammates or something but nope. What the hell happened? Felt like you wanted to get to canon that much, you decided to just bulldoze everything you built up. Kind of disappointed. Prologue to Chp 8 was kinda good, after that, uh? Just because we know what happens in the show doesn’t mean you can skip 90% of it.
12/23/2023 c27 2noobstar14213
Just like that, I caught up and it hasn't been updated for a year to boot.
12/5/2023 c1 XSeven728
The truth is it's a shame that the story didn't continue since it was the best one I've ever seen and the one that filled me with various emotions but hey, life goes on and I hope it goes well for you friend :D
12/2/2023 c27 Cepilepsi
Great story
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