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for The Catalyst For Revenge: Andromeda

7/25 c5 Phoenix Kyuubi
Liked the first story, and this is kinda silly I will admit. But I would enjoy seeing some of the Andromeda game story brought in as an actual thing. Whilst it wasnt as good as the first game and such, it was actually alright. And had interesting new alien species. And there is also other things in it that make for interesting possible reactions from the ascended. Such as the vaults. And the corrupted space issue going on.
7/11 c5 Mieszak
You are awasone dude, hope to see another entry, cheers!
7/2 c5 10Janizary
Always happy to see another update for this FF. :)
7/1 c5 Hadrian.Caeser
6/30 c5 5CronaAlbarn48
this is just possility 2 again without the final paragraph.
6/30 c5 Starlord Master
Nice stuff.
6/30 c5 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
Some of factions from warhammer 40k will give them trouble.
6/30 c5 Plazmazzz
Still amazing
6/11 c4 sorael
Gah! You were holding out on me?! There are more? This was delicious in its' possibilities, and a treat I was not expecting. Thank you
6/10 c4 GreatEnder
It LIVES! Really thought this was abandoned. Great to see an update. I would seriously subscribe to your story for a small monthly fee if you would put out updates like you did the for the first fanfic. Think about it.
About this chapter. We get a glimpse of this new opponent and it looks to be ready for our Ascended knows the history and had more than enough time to be build up and face them. Waiting for this conflict to get our Ascended to maybe evolve or at least get them out of their boredom.
On the other hand, this new Ai has no clue how crazy humanity is. The numbers alone could darken the galaxy.
Waiting at the edge of my seat.
6/10 c1 3The Prime Cronos
At the end of Revenge you pointed out, how everyone was ok with the Multi galaxy spanning empire.
Well I want the to fail in Andromeda.
The acendend always had this air of superiority around Them I hated. They very never humble!
There was only ever one thing on their mind and that's "MORE"
In a conflict like this everything is about the amount of material you can Put into the war effort and the energy output of your weapons.
I would love to See Them driven to a stalemade.
So they have to compromise and accept the other AI.
Oh and make the organics immune to the Control of acendend.
Well chears to you and stay strong and healthy
6/9 c4 1SympathyForTheQuarians
Do you have any where the Ascended are outmatched? Perhaps a synthesized offshoot reaper race.
6/9 c4 10Janizary
Yay, update!

Yes, I know. Poor review, but I'm happy! heh.
6/9 c1 naruto namikaze 9
Awesome chapter as always. Need more of this.
6/9 c4 Starlord Master
Harper sure has an attitude.
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