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13h c20 I like dis
I cannot express enough how happy I am that this is continuing! Also! Amygdala! My boi!
1/21 c20 Gaspachu
Well damn, and here I thought Gehrman would finally be at 'peace'.

And so, the Hunt begins again...
1/21 c19 Gaspachu
The concept of this crossover is far different and unique from other RWBY X Bloodborne fanfics: different but still familiar time setting, slight AUs, and a Hunter who is not bound by the moralities of Remnant. I like it. Also, your writing style and execution is top notch.

I hope that you will see this story to the end. It is a beautiful story you made here.
1/17 c20 yip yip
this crossover is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!
1/17 c20 yip yip
is gehrman going to get a semblance?
if so can his semblance be moon based just like his second phase in the game.
this is just a seggestion
1/11 c20 Ryoji Mochizuki
oooooh. interesting developments. Nice that ironwood and Gehrman have finally come to an understanding. An Amygdala, huh? interesting. pthumeru but rwby?
1/10 c20 1dragooner
So at this point Gehrman's winter vacation is soon over, now he just has to deal with the roof clinger.

(are my reviews somehow becoming some weird kind of omake)
1/7 c20 zirnitradandm
great chapter as always! words cannot explain how much i love this book!
1/7 c20 MindMelon
1/6 c20 Khristopher Blade
Hello Lets Do That Again,

It has been a while since our last interaction regarding your crossover between Bloodborne and RWBY. I am more than glad the story continues, unlike other crossovers between both franchises. Unfortunately, those authors used many of the same ideas that are beginning to show themselves in “The First Hunter.”

In previous chapters, you hinted at the appearance of Chalice Dungeons being in your narrative, starting with Atlas. This idea has been done before with other stories, where Salem somehow has full knowledge of Eldritch blood. Personally, that makes no sense because RWBY and Bloodborne are two different worlds. By extension, sending her operatives to collect chalices to use for themselves. Yet, I digress. That is the only criticism I have in relation to your story.

You still manage to separate most of the Bloodborne world from RWBY, as I had hoped. Most notably, how Ironwood’s insight into the Grimm is completely different from Gehrman’s knowledge. Thus, the General is not able to perceive the Amygdala hanging off the ceiling, even though grimm are also inhuman. While I find the possibility of The Grimm being enhanced by eldritch powers interesting, that idea has been horribly overused. Honestly, it would take me forever telling you how many stories have this concept.

To conclude, my opinions should not discourage you from continuing the story. I would like to see what happens next, without the RWBY franchise changing so much. Good luck to you, fellow writer. A Hunter is never alone.


Khristopher Blade
1/4 c20 RedDemonEye
Hahahahahahahahahahah oh boys this is were the fun beings next chapter going to be wild and bloody can't wait so keep up the good work and like always have a nice day.
1/3 c20 2Evinco
Gehrman: Hunters must hunt beasts. Let the Hunters of Huntsmen kill the traitors.
1/3 c20 Reclai
Eyyyy chalice dungeons in Atlas!
Fun times ahead!
1/3 c20 Crazypumpdude
ah good ole memories fighting amygdala in chalice dungeons.
1/3 c20 Ascandas
Oooooohhhhhhhhh shit.
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