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for Eleven VS IT

10/30/2019 c1 Number Ten
Nice references to other Stephen King stories
10/30/2019 c1 50Rurrlock-God of Power
This was such an awesome birthday present to read. Thank you very much for writing this.

Admittedly, I haven't seen Stranger Things yet, but I've got enough of an idea about the plot and characters to know what's going on and who is who. I think this is a great idea having Eleven cross over with her psychic powers and encountering Pennywise. Really enjoyed the references to Stephen King's other works. It does well to build the idea of their shared universe together while having Pennywise try to break Eleven down. The battle between them was entertaining and fun to read. Really great work. Enjoyed it from start to finish. :)
10/12/2019 c1 Guest
Nice you should do one with Randall Flagg/The Man in Black of The Stand and the Dark Tower saga.
10/11/2019 c1 dipolo76
Interesting, can you make the story where the party meets the loser's club?

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