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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

6/24 c86 Alicia
Hey, I’ve followed this story for a while now and I’ve been waiting since January for the next season. I leave July 5th for the military and id love to be able to see a new chapter before I go. You’re an amazing writer and we all hope to hear from you soon.
6/20 c86 tulusmonokrom
Great fanfic
6/15 c86 Guest
Simply divine.
6/13 c86 Dark Creed
Must have more!
6/13 c86 10Primordial Inscriptor Z-09
Wow, it's like a crossover, without a cross over. It's freaking amazing! I really love how this Ainz swears so much BTW, it's so therapeutic to. See that.
6/9 c86 Nathox
Suite pls
6/6 c86 Guest
Please update soon. So bored without this story.
6/4 c1 Guest
Well hope this story aint dead but if it is its been one hell of a ride
5/13 c86 Don King
5/13 c2 Jay-Not-So-Gay-Eleven
This feels like it's all happening too fast lol
5/12 c86 Dark Creed
Please update soon.
5/11 c86 LeeZanda
4/17 c51 Guest
BEGONE THOT [Ultimate Maximize Magic]! [Thot Slayer]!
4/16 c12 Guest
And so Shalltear and Albedo were born...
4/10 c86 Brayden Shulda
Excited for the next chapter!
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