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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

11/5/2023 c92 2s.gnarus
No lose ends? Me gusta :)
11/4/2023 c92 luminaexotica
Hhmm hhmm a short chapter than normal but it's still a nice chapter. This feels like an epilogue, sure hope not, though it'd be fun to see what will happen next, like going around his newly conquered kingdoms and doing some world building -or adding details in this case- since we still haven't gone over the aftermath of the war, like what's happening to the kingdoms that lost their monarchs since more than half of them are now worm food after the whole clash happened.

Thank you for the new chapter, hope we get more in the future
11/4/2023 c92 sugoijack9
Rigrit really earned her name that has no regrets.
Even she were blind to see that Ainz ruling is both peace and prosperity.
But her common sense and Platinum Dragon Lord indoctrination that all undead and players from Yggdrasil are bad guys. Self-righteous people like her needed to be eliminated as they are a cancer against utopia.
11/4/2023 c87 ader4209
Crazy chapter love it cant wait for the next one
11/4/2023 c92 3RonaldM40196867
Rigrit is having a hard time dealing with Ainz.

The Nazguls killed Rigrit.

The Jackal Captain and his crew got paid by the Nazguls to keep quiet about their murder of Rigrit.
11/4/2023 c91 Guest
bro pls this story is awesome i keep reading everyday can you keep on the story were ainz meet a world campion but not touch me were the both are going to war for only one ruller
11/4/2023 c91 SpudyPotato
Nice chapter.
Are we nearing the end?
11/3/2023 c90 SpudyPotato
Good chapter
11/2/2023 c91 Guest
no pls keep up the story bro your story is cool and also the world have formideble enemy who knows maybi the is another player trying to rule the otherside and he is one of the 9 world champion and he meet ainz saying the is only one king in the new world and the are going to world bro it will be awesome bro your fan fiction is the best pls i beg you keep up this story
11/2/2023 c1 MuffledScreams
I like the premise (granted that isn’t really saying much) but the mc and story decisions could do with some thought and planning. Grammar isn’t really impressive or growing, which makes me wonder if your readers hate you or something, given their lack of guidance or proper critique. Right now everything is just straight up edge and gifting.
10/31/2023 c12 4ObeRun
... wtf did I just read?
10/31/2023 c91 JKingSniper
10/31/2023 c1 iyahzess
Otherworld Arc coming perhaps?
10/31/2023 c91 iyahzess
The End?
10/31/2023 c91 RyuujiVantek
Please tell me thisn isnt the end... i love this story so much from the start!
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