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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

10/13/2021 c85 noble6117
10/13/2021 c85 Last Divine Shadow
Ajax is so patriotic that his speeches almost made me cry. Heh did I say “patriotic”? Sorry, my bad, I mean pathetic))
10/13/2021 c85 Raiyan
Hey I got the "Infinity war" reference. And Superb chapter 10/10
10/13/2021 c85 Alex C
It was an incredible chapter thanks for your work I look forward to the next update I hope it will be soon my congratulations
10/13/2021 c85 Random-Fan-2017
Yikes. That was about as brutal of a fight (one-sided beat-down) as I expected. Two died in one shot, Azuth got his head blown off by his own weapon after accidentally shooting Alea in the face, and Ajax got humiliated in front of his whole army. I mean, he definitely had it coming after persuading everyone to committing to the suicide run of an attack on Ainz, but it was a dick move to accuse Jeanne d'Arc of "betraying" everyone, even though she had done all she could to try and persuade them to avoid this very thing - she saw the shit situation for what it was and chose not to participate. At least the Halfling queen got out of this mess alright. Even the Blood Elf queen and the Dark Elf lady escaped without suffering. Though the Dark Empress will be in for the shock of her life when Ainz's army comes around and he shows her that actions have consequences. And I am curious as heck to see what happens when Ainz and Jeanne go to Eryuentiu.
10/13/2021 c85 sebasthebutler
good now the silver lizard is next on the list to kill
10/13/2021 c85 ateresenko160
Автор великолепен. Продолжай писать, ты мой любимый автор. Жду продолдения.
10/13/2021 c85 3Pointlesspencilthatwrites
The man, the myth, the legend! Has returned!
10/13/2021 c85 6Neko Twins Kagamine
Nice chapter and i can't wait for next
10/13/2021 c85 Uday Sra
10/13/2021 c85 max111000
I liked rhe chapter a lot. The chapter is long so I thank you for taking your time and writing so hard. The Ajax thing was super cool and I hope demiruge will find some creative way to use a players decendant alive for something monstrous. I would see Janne kneel while pleing as they are the last man standing from an army, but he is proud and stuff so its fun. Its sad that PDL couldnt engage in the battle b/c he lost his proxy armour so I kind of missed him in the figth. For the remaining surrendered armies Ainz should take them in custody for some time as one should do at war, you can make him give a speech or something about basic good treatment for enemy foot soldiers as he believes in revarding good behavior of surrendering with good treatment. As for Janne it would be fun to see her talk with some npc and nonnpc wifes. She could flashback on her experiences with her NPC's and leater Ainz could res more of Greed Kings NPC's. I also cant wait for Neia/Remedios and Tia/Tina/Keno/Lakyus arc, its super fun how Tia/Tina/Keno want to be with Lakyus and Neia and all of reason wants Remedios to stay dead but Lakyus want Remedios alive. It gets complicated and I believe Lakyus will be unhappy with her resurection. Anyway, cool story, I had a lot of fun with it, have fun writing!
10/13/2021 c85 Cheesebox
I’m glad Ajax isn’t dead I wonder what torture ainz has planned for him though ainz probably should have casted dimensional lock before the battle to make sure no one escapes but he was probably fine with an escape if it happened anyway it would prove the ruler a coward so he’d have no support from the witnesses
10/13/2021 c85 Daniel-palacio
Man I just love this my friend it's really very good and I congratulate you for creating this magnificent masterpiece I certainly look forward to the update very soon and thank you very much for your effort and dedication and commitment to update this really great story XD
10/12/2021 c85 vercingetorix2
"Let go of my legs and help yourself. You could not live with your own failure. And where did that bring you? Back to me."

Thanos reference is strong in this one
10/12/2021 c85 Scarease
Show could kill them in instant but willing to spare them .So they may learn from their mistake .
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