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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

11/28/2019 c20 MIKE202303
Nice work I look forward to more
11/28/2019 c20 2mairsarmy321
11/28/2019 c20 Daniel-palacio
Amigo me dejastes con la ganas xd estuvo muy bueno cono Ainz va construyendo este reino invencible XD jajaja jajaja sigue así es ff increíble un. Gran escritor sin dudas
11/28/2019 c20 9UndeadLord22
But, would they have to turn into an Undead tho?
11/28/2019 c20 M.Hammad
Really 5000 it not two far fetched.
And Katze plane his not big enough for all this
11/27/2019 c19 aSleepyPenguin
This is getting even better!
11/25/2019 c19 Guest
Queen Nualia in Overlord?!
Already my favorite fanfiction
11/25/2019 c19 Dan05
Nice chapter, but is there any drawback for Ainz summoning high tier minions, or can he just spam them?
11/25/2019 c19 The beginn of Red Dawn
the story is really great.. please keep going.
11/25/2019 c19 Vruon
Nice chapter as always, but I have a question.
What do vampires eat in his kingdom when they transform everyone?
What about Zesshi? Or do they have farms where they grow food and cattle for those who need food like demons and vampires?
Can vampires live from blood other than human?
I really hope that he is not going to turn the whole world into one big undead kingdom. I also really hope that when Nazarik appears, it won't take long time to contact Ainz.
It would also be nice to explain a little more of his "magically created body" that he uses during sex. I'm pretty curious how it works.
I look forward to the next chapter
11/25/2019 c19 Thanos69
Thanks for the update, hope the girls get pregnant.
11/25/2019 c16 Thanos69
No! Oh well :'/.
11/25/2019 c8 Thanos69
Enjoying the story so far, hope he gets a body similar to Hentai.
11/25/2019 c19 2ArmantusCumPinnae
so ainz is really gonna turn every single one of his subordinates into heteromorphs?
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