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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

11/21/2019 c18 1reyagusty
Pffttt! Hahahaha! Oh man. I hope that Davernoch would be killed slowly. But, this is fine. Thank you! Thank you for the chapter!
11/21/2019 c18 Scarease
Give option of live city living as humans or vampires work either way .This way like gain more followers and future ones form possible children .
11/20/2019 c18 RyuujiVantek
Ahhh finally, a fic where the impostor davernoch meets the og undead king ainz.
Thays more like it! I feel sorry for the human girls, but alas.. theyre safe inside the Sorcerer Kingdom.
11/20/2019 c18 2ArmantusCumPinnae
turn them? i was thinking he would give them a test run for human to live with the undead and heteromorphs. didnt he want to rule humans or will turn every single last human to heteromorphs?
11/20/2019 c18 Yoharu
Great work so far
11/20/2019 c18 Daniel-palacio
Sin duda 10 de 10 no me canso de leer este ff realmente una obra maestra hombre es muy bueno n.n
11/20/2019 c18 Xemenon
Nice chapter.
11/19/2019 c17 1reyagusty
11/19/2019 c17 Dan05
Ainz is making his army more versatile I see, would be cool if there were any mid tier undead that could fly. Perhaps summoning higher level demons require more bodies? This way Ainz will have to think tactically about how to preserve and obtain new bodies.
Can’t wait to see Ainz’s noble conquest to begin!
11/19/2019 c17 Guest
Let does who dont follow burn.
Im finding this really funny must more that it is.
Im hoping that Neia makes it to the list as well as Draudillon (True form god be dam if not)
11/19/2019 c17 Guest
Is he going to name the Angel Shiro? :D
11/18/2019 c17 RyuujiVantek
I love the fact that ainz was willing to give the wci back to dddl, cuz we all know even if that wci activates, ainz and his kingdom wont be affected cuz ainz got one or more wci to protect his territory.
Even then, his citizens are mostly undead which are immune to poison, and demons and angels of the mid to high tier are highly resistant to debuffs. Sooo...
Yeah, his kingdom wouldve been untouched from the beginning. Andddd... if everything dies in nw, he will conquer everything by raising them back into undead or other beings... killing 2 birds with ine stone. XD
I love your version of ainz so much!
11/18/2019 c17 Xemenon
Nice chapter.
11/18/2019 c17 1recordman
Ainz is creating an air force now that he has a huge undead army composed of different powerful undead. He should have the knowledge about the history of warfare from his former world. He might be almost as insightful as Tanya the Evil when it comes to combined arms and three-dimensional warfare. All these will be a great axuiliary force by the time Nazarick gets here.
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