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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

11/5/2019 c13 Daniel-palacio
Corto pero diablos estuvo genial amigo aunque me gustaría realmente que fuera un poco más largo no es que me queje pero gracias sigue escribiendo es muy buena n.n
11/5/2019 c13 Yoharu
Wow never expect those guy to just die like that. They should be torture ~~
11/5/2019 c13 The Lazy Dragon
This is niiice
Good job on this chapter
11/5/2019 c1 3Pa1110
Just read chapter 1 and all i have to say is ... Wow incledible!
11/5/2019 c13 1recordman
It looks like Clementine is becoming Shalltear 2.0. The stilettos are stabbing weapons and do not have sharp edges. Did Clementine rip the bodies apart with her brute strength and speed along?
11/5/2019 c13 MIKE202303
Nice work I look forward to more
11/5/2019 c13 0November0
Ohh this is taking an interesting turn.
11/4/2019 c12 Guest
Oh boy, can't wait to see how Albedo's gonna react to his 'waifus'. xD
11/3/2019 c12 Guest
Nice JoJo reference.
11/3/2019 c12 MJmax
The cross-shaped explosion reminded me of Evangelion. Am I the only one?
11/3/2019 c12 RyuujiVantek
11/3/2019 c12 Daniel-palacio
Salve al supremo soberano joder esto simplemente fue hermoso jajajaja especialmente hermoso sigue así fue un ff increíble me encanto mucho
11/3/2019 c12 Allhailthesith
Talk about going easy, a single 9th tier spell should have one shot her maybe even an 8th tier. 10 maybe even just 5 levels is an unbeatable difference in power and they had at least 15 levels of difference, if he wasn't reducing all of his attacks power by a factor of 10 I would call bullshit.
11/3/2019 c12 0November0
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