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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

10/25/2019 c7 RyuujiVantek
Heh.. punish someone with death... someone who is literally the god of death.. itd be funnyif death appears and execute every noble in the room and say something along the line of.. "he is my god.. i cant punish him with myself" xD
Just conquer the dang kingdom, ainz!
10/25/2019 c7 9UndeadLord22
Oooff, but the King is not certainly a bad man, he is just a kind man being forced to do things because of the fucking nobles.

Shame this is a small write but good nonetheless
10/25/2019 c7 Withered Phoenix
Wow I was expecting a few things to happen but definitely not this. Super interesting chapter. Can’t wait to see where you take the story in the future.
10/25/2019 c7 Daniel-palacio
Fue corto pero fue bueno para pasar el rato espero mucho con lo que vienes a partir de aquí no dejes de escribir es realmente buena este ff
10/25/2019 c1 Zeroforceln
The next chapter might be Momon going to E-Estize and finding Nfirea and getting him to Carne village.
Either Momon will create undead to "discreetly" kill the nobles who piss him off or make him meet the Eight Fingers.
10/25/2019 c7 MIKE202303
Nice work I look forward to more
10/25/2019 c7 AshuraNoKami
Great chapter. Wonder what Ainz/Momon is going to be doing now.
10/23/2019 c6 Nova00X
What a great chapter I look forward to the next.
10/23/2019 c6 Sledovatel
I like this story, but chapters could be longer, and story little bit more detailed
10/20/2019 c6 Guest
love it
10/20/2019 c6 Sageofchaos
hope to read more.
10/20/2019 c6 Daniel-palacio
Joder eso fue rudo sinseramente se sintiocorto pero lo demás estuvo fenomenal en verdad un grandioso ff sin duda hombre espero mucho el capítulo que sigue sigue así amigo
10/20/2019 c6 The Lazy Dragon
Atleast ainz still has his sense of justice
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