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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

8/8/2021 c83 Daniel-palacio
The chapter was very good, I liked it very much, please continue to continue it, my friend, I hope with many the next update n.n
8/8/2021 c83 vercingetorix2
Welcome back, good chapter as usual
8/8/2021 c83 22edboy4926
Good chapter.
8/8/2021 c83 Xemenon
Nice chapter.
8/8/2021 c83 1eternal vexation
neia best girl
8/8/2021 c83 Arraia
Perfect and update soon please
8/8/2021 c83 Marv1n
I'm so happy you're still writing, I love this fic
8/8/2021 c83 Last Divine Shadow
Finally, we’ve had enough Retardious
8/8/2021 c83 4AadenHelan
why would you kill her, throw her into the dungeon to become a breeding mare
8/8/2021 c83 BlackhawkRookie
Thanks for writing yet another awesome chapter!
8/8/2021 c83 Killthebeast
Not sure i said it before. but you have talent in writing fight Scenes. They feel like a movie that i can watch. A Wonderful work, the whole fiction is simply great. One of my most loved Overlord fics.

Also i love a badass Neia.
8/8/2021 c83 KingZeRoPL
Great chapter thanks for updating
8/8/2021 c83 Vampiric King
8/8/2021 c83 2Headhunter9347
Every update is like a airdrop of the happy chemical
8/8/2021 c83 3RonaldM40196867
Catgirls sure love teasing people. Cikly is alright.

Remedios is nothing if not stubborn.

It figures Lakyus can’t stay out of a fight.

The nazars are a vicious bunch, good for them.

The Nazar Army stands strong.

Buser must be having the time of his life.

Looks like Remedios won’t see her girlfriend Lakyus again.

Happy August!
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