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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

4/6 c96 1Buujack
Damn, I was missing some examples of cruelty and brutality
4/4 c96 finnikin123
another epic chapter cant wait to see the next one
4/4 c34 Guest
Hilma's power was revealed in manga(The Viper tattoo)
4/3 c96 7zakan
Great chapter!
4/3 c96 Guest
fucking awesome man as always your story is so good
4/3 c96 mohammadalibrahem27
dam they are called vampires blood suckers and this made me think deeply dont ainz have many vampires and generals that are vampires under his control? so do they group the ainz ones out when they say this?
4/2 c96 Random-Fan-2017
This makes it pretty damn clear why Witch King Angmar is one of THE most terrifying generals in Ainz's army, and he's not even the strongest one! Or at least I don't think he is. He's definitely a high-ranking general and someone that Ainz trusts, but he's so ruthless that even when he seeks peaceful conversation, its clear that he's a threat that should be avoided at all costs. As soon as he mentioned the annihilation of the Orc Kingdom, I knew these vampires were screwed. And Angmar showed his total dominance over the situation by allowing only the Countess to leave, and only because he permitted her to.

Its really no wonder why he's one of my favorite generals in this story. :)
4/2 c96 ader4209
Noice what a great chapter as always
4/2 c96 3RonaldM40196867
To Drake Island!

I like undead dragons!

Demetria is interesting.

Angmar is one cold mother.

Happy April!
3/25 c95 Lordylen
LOVÄ°NG this didint kno this was still going its been 4 years xD
3/25 c12 DuckedHard
That was.. extremely painful to read
3/22 c95 7zakan
Great chapter!
3/21 c63 Anon
Esdeath the ice queen, hmmmm I wonder if she is a reference to something
3/21 c53 M
Oh shiiiiiiiit you did indeed keep my interest up to now.

Now I wonder how Nazarick would react to Narzarick
3/20 c1 M
You have my interest. But the question is can you keep it. (Joke, but genuinely excited by this. )
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