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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

3/22 c54 Guest
I dont know about that "grand foreigner" fic but this fanfic is handsdown one of the best that i read
3/16 c6 7Wally991
Finally! The first "Umu" in this story!
3/14 c86 Guest
Please... need more... before I die from withdrawal!
3/14 c86 Guest
Great so far, can’t wait for Ainz to add Jeanne to his harem
3/13 c86 1s.gnarus
So any chance for a new chapter? I already read it 5 times. It's like 1.5 m words
3/12 c86 Guest
Please update soon.
3/10 c16 Saint kira
I tried, I really tried, but this is too stupid and cringy for me to read.
3/9 c48 LotusFury
3/9 c1 1realfan16
quite rushed i daresayhope it got better in the later chapters
3/9 c2 Samsara2345
I’m already in chapter 2 but I’m already getting exasperated on how rushed you are going through chapters and plots, I really hope you improve from here on out
3/7 c79 Guest
Will we see rubedo in this story? As ainz wife
3/7 c74 Guest
I would like to see rubedo fight for the supreme being we never know what types of monsters are in 8th floor but seeing rubedo in the fiction would be nice
3/7 c74 Lucifer143
You story is very Creative..
I hope you will this wonderful story..
3/7 c48 Lucifer143
Will there be more different summon angels and devils too?
3/6 c24 Lucifer143
This story is amazing...
I never seen any overlord fanfiction like this before truly one of a kind
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