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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

3/21 c53 M
Oh shiiiiiiiit you did indeed keep my interest up to now.

Now I wonder how Nazarick would react to Narzarick
3/20 c1 M
You have my interest. But the question is can you keep it. (Joke, but genuinely excited by this. )
3/20 c95 dan.lew.upg
3/18 c95 Guest
fuck finally dude what take you so long man really i miss you art of story i was waiting but this one is goood as hell
3/18 c95 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Looking forward to reading more.
3/16 c86 BoredKing
Making the lesbian a sex slave of the women she's been lusting over for centuries is not a punishment.
3/15 c95 finnikin123
Another awesome read it looks like another war is on the Horizon
3/14 c95 maykel2003
Thanks for the cap
3/14 c14 22Kingdark
15 chapters and I just couldn't take it anymore. Your writing is al over the place. Your tenses are fucked up and its like you didn't even reread your writing.

There are typos NOBODY could miss and yet here they are. maybe you improve in the future but I just can't continue. The idea is good it's the execution that's bad.

Thanks for writing and sharing your story.
3/14 c95 Gnarus
Fuck yeah. Haven't read yet, but.. FUCK YEAH!
3/14 c95 ader4209
Love this chapter vampire pirates even wild
3/14 c95 Xemenon
Nice chapter
3/14 c95 Last Divine Shadow
3/14 c95 SpudyPotato
Thanks for the chapter.
3/14 c95 3RonaldM40196867
Lifeless ocean? Sounds charming.

Captain Ramona is from the Golden Empire.

Vampires are fun.

I love booms.

Angmar is a funny name.

Nualia seems to be enjoying this.
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