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for The Supreme Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown

3/9 c1 1realfan16
quite rushed i daresayhope it got better in the later chapters
3/9 c2 Samsara2345
I’m already in chapter 2 but I’m already getting exasperated on how rushed you are going through chapters and plots, I really hope you improve from here on out
3/7 c79 Guest
Will we see rubedo in this story? As ainz wife
3/7 c74 Guest
I would like to see rubedo fight for the supreme being we never know what types of monsters are in 8th floor but seeing rubedo in the fiction would be nice
3/7 c74 Lucifer143
You story is very Creative..
I hope you will this wonderful story..
3/7 c48 Lucifer143
Will there be more different summon angels and devils too?
3/6 c24 Lucifer143
This story is amazing...
I never seen any overlord fanfiction like this before truly one of a kind
3/6 c1 Mangoman
Bro pls from 2 Months.
3/6 c11 Lucifer143
This story is amazing. ..
I really wanted ainz to summon vampire, devils and angels never found such story and it has a good plot i love it
2/28 c86 rairaidani8
I got here after read some publisher publish your fanfiction.
Great story! and i became your fans now!
Thanks you!
2/26 c58 5The Reaper of Valhalla
For a moment you gave me some great and terrible flashbacks from when I was a boot but then I read the Robgoblin and Robin part and realized you were inspired by Ronald Lee Ermey as his voiced popped up in my mind as I read. I really thought you were a boot at one point, if you were congrats and condolences. If you never were I’d say you written that out pretty well.
2/26 c55 The Reaper of Valhalla
I’m still reading through the chapters and I notice how at the heading of some chapter you reply openly to reviews that cover similar reviews about what people didn’t like about your take on Anizs compared to mainstream sources. To that I say fuck em. Don’t pay them mind/ don’t feed the strays as they always come back.

I will say I actually like your take on the Sorcerer King as he doesn’t get lost into his character of an undead overlord for fear of the NPCs literally killing him once they find out his faking being all knowing/powerful. In this take that you created the player got to be more himself and more confident in his new body before even meeting the NPCs. Everything he did he did almost on his own and when it wasn’t his own doing it’s the result of his own investment/fruits of labor from his loyal followers. You written the progression well and even expanded upon the world from what is known from cannon. Your Aniz would probably take the Cannon Aniz in a 1v1 fight simply because your Aniz has the fighting experience to go with all the power they wield.

The Cannon Aniz is almost a shut in in comparison, scared of what would happen in the world and scared of the NPCs if they sense or perceive weakness in him. In cannon he is scared and bumble fucks his way through most of it only to be saved by one of the NPCs slowly developing their own personalities and goals. The MCs train of thought is “what would my character do” and goes along with whatever the NPCs do. The MC (in cannon) does try to find limits and get accustomed to the new world but is constantly halted by the thought of looking weak/ incompetent in front of the NPCs or through some shannagins that doesn’t let him unlock his full potential as himself.

Overall your Aniz have the experience and development and in my opinion the better one. Keep up the good work whenever you feel like it. Writers block is a bitch and even when it isn’t, getting into the right mindset/mood to write is a kick in the nuts if you don’t feel like it.
2/26 c86 Guest
Please update soon.
2/26 c19 The Reaper of Valhalla
God damn I just googled that queen and the first thing to pop up is a XVideo link XD. Great story so far can’t wait to read the rest
2/22 c86 Snake Eyes
Please upload the next chapter of this great fanfic as soon as possible please.
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